11 Modern Bridal Hijab Styles for Muslim Brides

11 Modern Bridal Hijab Styles for Muslim Brides - Mersi Cosmetics

Bridal hijabs have gained massive popularity over time. They look not only elegant but also help Muslim brides make a statement with their unique style. If you are a soon-to-be-married bride, you might be looking for inspiration for modern hijab styles. 

Hijab represents a headwear that Muslim women use to cover their heads as advised in Islamic teachings. It not only symbolizes modesty but also represents elegance. A wedding is one of the most important events of life, especially for brides. They want everything to be perfect, from makeup to jewelry and outfit. 

It might be difficult for the brides to be to choose the perfect hijab look for themselves. It is because every bride is beautiful in her own way. Here is a guide to modern hijab styles for Muslim brides. 

11 Modern Bridal Hijab Styles

The following are the trendy hijab looks that modern Muslim brides are opting for. Whether you are becoming a traditional bride or want a modern look, you can find inspiration from these ideas. Have a look to get the inspiration you have been looking for.

1. Layered Hijab

It is one of the most popular hijab styles for everyday and bridal look. You can go for it if you want to add a modern touch to your bridal look. The hijab is layered on the head, covering the hair, chest, and back. You can use silk or chiffon scarves to wear a beautifully layered hijab. It looks equally decent with a plain or a printed hijab.

There is a lot of variety when it comes to layering. You can adjust the number of layers according to the width of the hijab and secure it with pins. Most brides use diamond or pearled jewels to decorate this look. 

2. Turban Hijab

It is one of the most trendy hijab styles that modern brides like to wear. It is popular among Muslims as well as non-Muslim women due to its unique look. As the name indicates, it resembles a turban covering the head. The long scarf covers the hair and complete head. You can wrap the remaining part of the scarf around the head or style it as you want. 

This modern hijab style allows you to show off your earrings also if you want to. You can also use a brooch or any other ornament to decorate your turban hijab. 

3. Royal Wedding Hijab

A new trend in wedding hijab styles is the royal wedding hijab look. This is more popular among Asian and middle eastern brides. The name represents the royal touch it adds to the bride’s overall look. For this, you can get a customized hijab according to your dress. Mostly, brides prefer embroidered and studded hijabs.

It is better to wear it with a cap for a finer finishing look. If you are using a plain scarf, an embroidered dupatta will be a good option to complement it. You can then attach any jeweled ornaments or headpieces to get a princess-like look.

4. Embroidered Hijab

An embroidered wedding hijab is ideal for a simple yet elegant look. Brides usually like to pair it with a long embroidered gown. Instead of stonework or pearls, threadwork embroidery is popular. You can style it in various ways. 

Embroidered hijabs usually do not need any additional accessories. They look stylish if tied creatively. You can simply use beautiful hijab pins to enhance the look. 

5. Arabic Hijab

This hijab style is popular among Muslim brides in Arabian countries, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and others. It is one of the most popular and liked hijab styles all around the world. The hijab covers the head, back, and chest, forming a triangular shape at the front and back. 

There are various styling options with this hijab. You can pair it with a long dupatta or wear it individually as you want. The ideal stuff for this type of hijab is chiffon or silk. If you are wearing a plain scarf, you can use accessories like a headband or a brooch. 

6. Turkish Hijab

Turkish hijab is one of the classy hijabs known for its sophistication and unique style. It is the classic style tried around the head and face which covers the complete head. It is tied tightly with few to no layers. This gives brides a diamond-shaped face that looks quite beautiful and attractive. 

Ideally, brides with a straight or circular face can opt for this style. It resembles the head covering worn by nuns. It suits best with high-neck dresses. You can also wear a broad necklace along with this. 

7. Hijab with a Dupatta

This hijab is popular among Indian and Pakistani brides. In this look, brides wear a fancy and fashionable dress with an embroidered dupatta. Since the dress is fancy, a plain silk hijab seems perfect. You can wear the hijab simply tied around the face. You may also add layers to it if you want. 

This hijab look includes jewelry such as teeka, jhoomar, and necklace. After adding the desired jewelry pieces, you can wear a dupatta at the top of the hijab to enhance its look. The color of the hijab must match the color of the dupatta. 

8. Crowning Hijab

The name says it all for this style. It forms a crown at the top of the head. It might look quite difficult but actually is very simple. It is ideal for pairing with a fancy embroidered bridal dress. It forms a flare in front covering the chest. A plain silk hijab is perfect for tying this type of hijab. 

A simple studded chain or a nice headband enhances the crown formed at the head. Make sure you secure it all with nicely placed hijab pins. You are free to select any color of your choice, but it looks the best if you choose the same color as your dress. 

9. Folded and Twisted Hijab

This is more of a modern bridal hijab style famous for its unique and modish look. The style is more common in western countries than in Arabian or Asian countries. It looks best with a plain inner hijab and printed outer scarf. It resembles the turban hijab to some extent as it is also tied around the head. 

After wearing the hijab cap and initial layer, the remaining fabric is twisted and tied around the head. It is important to secure the twisted layers to keep them intact. There is no need to add accessories to it. 

10. African Style Hijab

If you want a simple and elegant bridal look, this style is the one for you. It is not only simple to wear but also easy to carry. It does not require a lot of technique or accessories. It allows the bride to show off their beautiful dress while covering their head. 

A chiffon hijab suits the best for this look. You better take a long scarf or dupatta with an embroidered or laced border. Tie it around your head and secure it with a pin behind your neck. Drape the remaining ends of the scarf at the front on both shoulders. This minimalist hijab style offers the most exquisite look. 

11. Loosely Wrapped Hijab

A popular, stylish hijab style is the loosely wrapped hijab. It covers the head, partial neck, and back. It works best with a chiffon scarf that offers more flexibility. You must wear a hijab cap in the same or contrasting color before tying the scarf. 

Set the hijab on your head with pins and wrap both the ends around your shoulders. It is not tied around the face but rather wrapped loosely. 

How to Choose the Right Bridal Hijab?

The first step to styling your bridal hijab is to choose the right hijab for yourself. It can get challenging since you have a lot of variety available. Here is a simple guide to choosing the right bridal hijab. 

  • Selecting the Right Material

Hijab’s material matters the most while styling. You must consider several important factors in this regard. The most important is the weather. It is better to use soft and comfortable stuff that does not disturb the bride. Silk, cotton, and chiffon are more popular due to the flexibility and flowingness they offer. They are easy to style and look attractive. 

  • Compatibility with the Dress

Your hijab must be compatible with your dress. For a classy look, choose wisely. If the dress is heavily embroidered and overpowering, the hijab better be plain. Contrarily, if you have opted for a plainer and basic wedding dress, an embellished hijab would look good. You can adorn it with jewels and ornaments to give it a trendy and funky look.

  • Choosing the Right Color

Choosing the right color also matters a lot for your final bridal look. There is no restriction on what color to choose. It varies according to the culture and geographic location. For instance, South Asian brides usually wear bright colors, while Middle Eastern brides opt for lighter shades, including white. 

The hijab’s color depends on the color of the bridal dress. You can either match the color with the dress or opt for an attractive contrast of colors. 

  • Selecting the Jewelry

Adding jewelry to the hijab is optional, but most brides do it. It can be anything from simple to stylish and classy according to the overall look. You can use brooches, headbands, teeka, necklaces, chains, and fancy hijab pins to elevate the elegance of your hijab. You can also wear large pendants or add tussles if you want to. Whatever you wear, keep it compatible with the overall look. 

Hijab Styling Tips

There lies a lot of anxiety when it comes to achieving your desired bridal hijab look. To eliminate the confusion and simplify things, here are some effective tips that can save your time and energy.

  • If you want to wear a layered hijab, it is better to wear a light stuff scarf. It will help in neat layering without adding much to the weight. It will also prevent overheating, especially if it is a summer wedding. 
  • Do not overdo accessorizing your hijab. You can use jewlery pieces, headpieces, and pins of your choice but keep it organized. Follow the less is more principle when adding accessories to your hijab. 
  • It is better to wear a hijab cap, especially if you wear a silk or chiffon scarf. It will keep it intact and facilitate styling. 
  • Use as few pins as possible. If the styling requires more pins, use invisible ones. They offer a neater look.
  • Tie your hair nicely under the hijab. They might not be visible to others, but it is important to tie them properly for better styling. They may disturb you if not tied neatly.
  • Always style your hijab according to the shape of your face. Loosely wrapped hijabs look better on people with round and chubby faces. On the other hand, people with thinner and smaller faces can wrap the hijab tightly around their faces.  
  • Make sure you do not include a lot of colors. Contrasting different colors look good but adding too much of it makes things look messier. More is less when it comes to color contrast. 
  • Try the look you want to carry on your wedding day beforehand. Make sure it suits you and feels comfy. Trying on something completely new might be a bit risky. 


Wedding hijab styles are popular among Muslim women all around the world. It varies with a variation in culture and demographic boundaries. You can opt for a look that you adore the most and feel comfortable with. Whatever look you choose, the important thing is to keep in mind the real meaning and spirit of wearing a hijab, which is achieving modesty. Get inspired by these modern hijab styles and turn heads with your stylish look. 

Modern Bridal Hijab Styles FAQs

Does the bridal hijab look trendy?

Yes, the bridal hijab look is trendy. Many Muslim women wear it and look quite sophisticated. 

Is it easy to style a bridal hijab?

Yes, it is easy to style bridal hijabs. There are a wide variety of styling options that are easy to follow and look graceful. You can find easy tutorials showing step-by-step approaches leading to a fashionable look. 

What is worn under a hijab?

A hijab cap is worn under a hijab. It is also known as a tube under-scarf. It is made of soft and comfortable fabric that covers the head and provides a firm foundation to set the hijab. 

Can you wear a hijab with earrings?

Yes, you can wear a hijab with earrings. Many hijab styles, including the turban hijab and loosely tied scarf, allow you to show off your earrings while covering your head, hair, and neck. 

Can brides wear patterned hijabs?

Yes, brides can wear patterned hijabs. There is no limitation to the style, color, and patterns of the hijab. You can definitely choose a patterned hijab if you want; however, plain ones are more common for the bridal look. 

Does hijab cause a barrier in bridal fashion?

There is a misconception among many people that hijab limits fashion and style. There is no reality in it as women all around the world elegantly adorn their hijabi bridal looks. This speaks volumes of the idea that the hijab does not cause a barrier in fashion. 

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