10 Best Hijab Styles For Different Occasions

10 Best Hijab Styles For Different Occasions - Mersi Cosmetics

Do you want to elevate your style by experimenting with different looks? You are definitely at the right place! 

Let's help you find some inspiration for your hijab style, we have compiled a list of the most trendy and elegant hijab styles. So, let's get started! 

8 Hijab Styles for Different Occasions

When it comes to hijab styles, there is so much diversity providing you with a wide range of options to try on different occasions. Here are our top picks for regular use and events. 

1. The Classic Wrap: For Daily Routine

The easiest and the most common hijab style is the classic wrap which is women’s favorite when they are running short of time. It is easy to wear, so it is best for beginners to get their hands set on hijab styling. 

The best thing is that it goes well with all hijab materials, so you can wear it in all weather and on all occasions. Here is how to do it.

  • Place the hijab on your head, with one end left slightly longer than the other. 
  • Wrap the longer side around your face, leaving the shorter one loose. 
  • Secure your hijab with pins, and you’re done. 

2. Over the Shoulders: For Events

This is another simple yet stylish way to wear your hijab. The name says all about how to wear this hijab and how it would look. You can use a chiffon or viscose scarf for this style and wear it to events, weddings, and parties. 


You don’t need too many pins or a hijab cap, too, so you can start right away with your favorite hijab. Here’s how to do it. 

  • Place the middle of your hijab on your head, leaving both ends equal.
  • Use a safety pin to secure it around your chin. 
  • Fling the right side of the hijab to the left shoulder and vice versa. You have your perfectly tied “over the shoulders” hijab.  

3. The Pinless Hijab: For a Quick Glam

All hijabis know the struggles of keeping hijab pins in place. Putting several pins on your head to secure your hijab style can sometimes get uncomfortable, and you want to get rid of them at all costs. 

Here is a solution for those who want to keep it minimal and effortless while being stylish. All you need is your scarf, and you can get started. 

  • Put your hijab on your head with or without an inner cap with both ends equal. 
  • Wrap one end around your neck and leave it at the back. 
  • Wrap the second end too, and tie it in a knot with the other end at the back of your neck. 
  • An alternative is to wrap one end around it and bring it to the front. 
  • Repeat the same with the other end, and you’re good to go. 

4. The Usual: For Professionals

Similar to the classic, this is a common style and looks more like an improvisation of the classic wrap. It makes your hijab voluminous without any additional accessories. You can pair it with your formal wear or party wear. 

To wrap this hijab, you can use any scarf made from any fabric. If you are using silk or any other slippery fabric, you may need a hijab cap for extra security. 

  • Place the hijab on your head and keep one side longer than the other. 
  • Secure it under your chin with a safety pin and wrap the short side around your head with the help of pins. 
  • Use the longer side to wrap around your face and secure it with the pins. 
  • Leave the longer end loose after putting pins, and that’s it. 

5. Criss-Cross Layered Hijab: For Weddings

As you experiment with different hijab styles, you become more pro at pulling out some modish styles. The criss-cross layered hijab is one of them. It is suitable for weddings, dinners, and parties. 

You need a generous amount of pins and an inner cap to get the best results. Let’s see how to do it. 

  • Take a rectangular scarf and put it on your head, leaving one end shorter than the other. 
  • Pin it under your chin. 
  • Take the shorter end and pin it on your head without wrapping it around your head. 
  • Repeat the same with the longer end forming a criss-cross on your head. 
  • Now take the longer end and wrap it around your face, securing it with a pin at the side of your face. 

6. The Turban Wrap: For Corporate Meetings

The turban wrap is a more modish hijab style and is popular in the fashion industry and the corporate world. It provides you with a unique professional look, and you can pair it with long skirts, gowns, or suits. 

The best hijab material for the turban wrap is cotton, jersey, or viscose. Your hijab must be rectangular to get the perfect volume.

  • Put the hijab on your head and secure it behind your neck with a pin. 
  • Take one end and wrap it carefully around your head and secure it with a pin at the end. 
  • Repeat with the other end. If you don’t want to use pins, you can tuck the ends in your scarf. 

7. Loosely Tied Hijab: For Summer

During summers, wrapping the hijab tightly around your face may become difficult. Luckily, we have various loosely tied hijab styles perfect for summer. This hijab style offers complete coverage and looks stylish. 


You can wear it to a formal party, a dinner with friends, or to your workplace. All you need is a rectangular hijab, an inner cap and a few pins. This is how it is done. 

  • Wear an inner cap and place your hijab over it. 
  • Place a pin at the top of your head so that the hijab does not move.
  • Wrap one end loosely around the neck, over the shoulder. Secure it with a pin if you want. 
  • Leave the other end as it is, and you’re done. 

8. The Top Knot: For Formal Dinners

The top knot is an improvised version of the turban to make it more stylish to be worn at formal events. It is perfect for you if you want to flaunt your embroidered necklines or necklaces. 


This hijab style is an ideal solution for women who wear glasses. You may use any hijab material for this style, but cotton hijabs offer the best volume. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to style it. 

  • Frame the scarf on your head and wrap both ends over each other at the back of your head. 
  • Bring both ends at the top of your head after wrapping them around your head. 
  • Tie both ends in a knot at the front of your head and wrap the remaining part around it to create volume around the knot.  
  • You may use hijab pins to keep the knot in place. 

9. The Tucked-In: For Day Out with Friends

It is an ideal style for professional outfits and sophisticated looks. Many hijabi athletes also style their hijab this way to keep it from coming in the way of smooth functionality. It goes best with high-neck or collared shirts. 

You can either take a square scarf or a shorter rectangular scarf for better wrapping. Chiffon, satin, and silk scarves are ideal for this style. Let’s see how it is done. 

  • Fold your square scarf to get it into a triangular shape and place it on your head. 
  • Secure it under your chin with a pin for better coverage. 
  • Wrap both ends tightly over each other around the neck and secure it with a pin. 
  • Tuck the remaining part in your shirt and use pins if needed. 

10. Turkish Hijab: For Picnic

The elegant Turkish-style hijabs are popular among hijabi women. They offer full head coverage and elevate your attire. You can wear a Turkish-style hijab casually to your office or workplace. 

For this style, you need a square scarf, preferably silky. They come in various colors, prints, and patterns to choose from. Here is how to wrap it. 

  • Fold your square scarf diagonally to give it a triangular shape. 
  • Place it on your head from the center. 
  • Wrap both ends around your neck and tie them together in a knot. 
  • If the ends are longer, tuck it in your shirt and get a neat Turkish-style hijab look. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Have you been facing difficulty getting the perfect look with your favorite hijab styles? You might be doing something wrong. The following common mistakes may be ruining your favorite hijab looks, so you must avoid them. 

Not Using Accessories

Various hijab accessories such as pins, inner caps, headbands, and clips are there to make your life easier. Going for a minimal look is fine, but not using the accessories even when you need them is the biggest mistake women make. 

Choosing the Wrong Stuff

From chiffon to silk and cotton to viscose, hijabs are available in different fabrics. Sometimes, you might be doing everything right but using the wrong type of hijab. So choose the right hijab carefully according to the style you want to carry. 

The following are the most popular hijab fabrics. 

  • Silk
  • Jersey
  • Viscose
  • Modal
  • Chiffon
  • Georgette 
  • Cotton 
  • Crinkle 

Choosing the Wrong Shade

The color, print, and pattern of the hijab matter a lot for an exquisite look. Just like you choose your lipstick or nail polish shade carefully, you must be careful mixing the right colors for your hijab. 

Don’t overcrowd your look by mixing too many colors or choosing a too-sharp or too-dull contrast. When choosing colors and patterns, consider your skin tone too. 

Not Considering Your Face Shape

Should you style your hijab according to your face shape? Yes, otherwise, even a nicely wrapped good hijab does not look adequate. For oval and round faces, loosely wrapped hijabs go well. 

On the other hand, for a chubby or square face, you may wrap the hijab tightly around your face. You must take the time to decide what works best for you. 

Bottom Line

Now you have a bunch of amazing hijab styling options to complement different occasions. Make sure that you get enough information about different types of hijabs to choose the right ones according to the weather and occasion. Also, avoid common hijab styling mistakes to get the best results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular hijab style?

Side-pinned hijab is considered the most popular hijab style as it is easy to style and carry and goes well with formal and casual attire. From everyday wear to events, parties, and meetings, this hijab is the quick solution you need. 

How to dress fashionably as a hijabi?

You can dress fashionably as a hijabi by thoughtfully pairing your hijab with your dresses. Some trendy and fashionable dresses that look good with a hijab include maxi dresses, long skirts, shirts, and suits. 

Which color hijab goes with every dress?

The white color hijab goes with every dress because it neutralizes dark and light shades. However, you must keep your skin tone while choosing a white scarf with every dress, as it might not complement all skin tones. 

On what occasions can you wear a hijab?

There is no restriction on what occasions you can wear a hijab. You can wear a hijab any day, from family gatherings, social events, and formal meetings, to daily life. It complements all types of attires, looks good, and provides you with an opportunity to make your unique style statement. 

How can I look prettier with a hijab?

You can look prettier with a hijab by keeping it simple and avoiding overdoing it. Instead of forced matching, go with unique color contrasts and decent prints when choosing a hijab and style it well to look good. 

In what countries do women wear hijabs?

Women all around the world wear hijabs, especially in Muslim countries. In some countries, like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Indonesia, and Pakistan, a hijab or a headscarf is a part of the culture. In other countries, it is optional for women to wear hijabs. 

What is the most comfortable hijab?

Viscose hijabs are considered the most comfortable hijabs since they are breathable, soft, lightweight, and easy to manage. Silk and chiffon hijabs are also comfortable but they might be difficult to keep in place.   

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