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Hijab Styles According To Your Face Shape - Mersi Cosmetics

The fashion industry is characterized by the latest trends emerging and making a unique statement that goes a long way. However, some trends are more than just fashion statements and carry meaningful thoughts and ideas. 

One such trend is the hijab. Women and men work side by side in today's society, and the hijab is a symbol of equality and inclusivity. The hijab is a hallmark of Muslim women around the world. 

Hijab fashion is currently thriving and renewing itself in many ways. Women today prefer to cover their heads in a modest but stylish way. Thus, it is very important to choose a hijab style that draws attention to your facial features. 

Here is a comprehensive guide on different hijab styles according to your face shape to help you look more stylish yet modest. Let’s dig in to discover the details!

Steps to the Perfect Hijab Styling

Making a style statement with your hijab requires more than just wrapping it around your head. You need to ensure that everything is perfect and suitable for your face. Here are some easy and important steps to flawless hijab styling. 

Determine your Face Shape

The first thing you need to do to find the perfect hijab for your face is to determine the shape of your face. It is essential for wrapping the right hijab style around your head. Keep your face's symmetry in mind when choosing a hijab style.

Get the Right Color

Do you ever bother about matching the hijab’s color with your skin tone? If not, then you must do it. Every skin shade is beautiful and unique in its own way. This uniqueness requires you to keep it in mind when choosing any type of clothing, apparel or accessories.   

Buy the Right Stuff

You may not know that most hijab hair problems are caused when you wear a hijab made from an unsuitable fabric. For instance, trying to tie a satin hijab as a beginner might be challenging. In addition, buy the hijab according to the weather. Silk and satins are good for winter, while cotton might be the best option during summer. 

Hijab Styles for Different Face Shapes

Once you determine your face shape and get the right hijab, the next step is to choose the right hijab style. Here is a list of the perfect styles according to different face shapes. Pick the right one and get started with your hijab styling. 

Round Face

If you remember the definition of a circle, it has no corners and has the same width and length. Round faces are the same. With no prominent edges or cuts, everything is rounded from the hairline to the jawline. What’s the best thing about this shape? Most hijab styles look good on round faces. 

The loose hijab is a great option for women looking for easy styling because it is versatile and compatible with most materials. Fold the longer side over, over your head, and back over your shoulder to add more fullness. This hijab would look wonderful with a brooch.

Another choice is the Whimsical Bow, which is ideal for days when you want to make a statement with your style. The Whimsical Bow is endearing, entertaining, and not overly large. Shirts with crew necks look wonderful with them. You'll look better wearing it because it enhances the roundness and cuteness of the face. Round faces are universally considered to be attractive.

Oval Face

Do you have an oval face? Oh wow, as an oval shape is considered to be an ideal one, congratulations! You are a royal member of the League. Oval face shapes have a nice taper of the features toward the chin. Oval, prominent, edgy cheekbones envy many. So, you can wear a hijab in any style you like.

The turban look flatters the oval face more. You can also wrap and fold scarves over the head, which will cover the entire face. It has space to display earrings, with one end hanging loosely in the front. Many hijabi influencers have adopted this hijab trend because it looks so elegant and stylish.

Another option is Turkish hijabs. They are unique because they have a pointed top edge. Even though some individuals are hesitant about this hijab pattern as they think it would elongate the oval face shape, you will see that it functions quite wonderfully!

Square Face

As we support women's empowerment and emphasize equality, the square also believes in equality. It has the same length and width as the face. Additionally, the forehead has the same width as the cheekbones. What makes the square face unique is the naturally well-defined jawline we all crave.

Thus, we suggest that you should wear hijabs somewhat higher. Don’t cover the chin so that your face appears long. It will improve the overall appearance. Carefully conceal the sides of your jawline by wrapping the veil around your face. Making your forehead appear a little more rounded with an under-the-veil scarf is a terrific idea, but you need to watch out that it doesn't cover too much of your forehead. Wearing softer, lighter materials also helps to balance the angles of your face.

Heart Shape

People with good hearts are beautiful. Likewise, people with heart-shaped faces are blessed with beautiful looks. Heart face has a "tweety bird", which usually refers to a chin and forehead that are fairly broad. The cheekbones should ideally be as wide as your eyebrows, the jawline should be thin, and the chin should be slightly pointed.

The hijab style with a hijab hat and a loosely wrapped hijab is best for people with heart-shaped faces. You already have that width, naturally. When styling your hijab, focusing on the jawline and pinning the scarf under the chin are the finest ways to accentuate the form of this face cut. It will properly balance your face, and your lovely features will be highlighted by adding more layers to the neck area and wearing a hijab cap.

Another tip: create a peak with your scarf at the top of your forehead.

Diamond Face

Similar to diamonds, a diamond-shaped face is rare, to have. A diamond facial shape is characterized by a small forehead, high cheekbones, and a tapering chin. The chin is small, and the cheeks are the broadest part of the face. Diamond faces are regarded as one of the most attractive face shapes.

We recommend the Persian Knot Hijab style for diamond faces. Firstly, frame your face and place the square hijab over your head by folding it into an unbalanced triangle. One side should be shorter than the other and fasten it beneath your chin. Use the "shorter" end that was not used to drape it over your neck for more coverage. To ensure that it stays in place all day, double-knot it or tuck it inside your shirt!

With a touch of style, this tucked-in look keeps you looking polished and professional.

Popular Hijab Styles

Whatever your face shape may be, you would probably be searching for some popular hijab styles to try on. Have a look at the list below. 

The Classic Wrap

The easiest and the most popular of all is the classic wrap. It offers maximum head and neck coverage and looks good on all face shapes. 

Here’s how you can wrap it.

  • Frame the hijab such that one end is longer than the other. 
  • Cross the longer end over your head such that the shorter end disappears. 
  • Secure the hijab with a pin at the top
  • Leave the longer end as it is, or use it to cover your chest. 

The Pin-less Hijab

Hijabs without a pin are quite popular nowadays. This style is perfect whether you are getting late or just want a simple and elegant look. 

Here are the steps to do it properly. 

  • Frame the hijab on your head, keeping both ends equal. 
  • Throw one end on your shoulder such that it covers your face and head. 
  • Keep the other end at the front, and you’re done.

The Casual Chic

This simple, elegant, and stylish hijab style has become one of the girls’  favorites. It pairs well with casual and formal outfits but is well suited for casual looks. 

You can wrap a casual chic following these steps.

  • Begin with framing the hijab on your head. Keep one end longer than the other. 
  • Secure the hijab at the bottom of your face using a pin. 
  • Wrap the longer end around your neck and bring it to the front. 
  • You can go for a tight or loose wrap according to your style preference. 
  • Keep both ends equal at the front, and there you have it! The perfect casual chic. 

The Melanie or No Show

It is one of the best hijab styles for a formal look. It offers a balanced look with formal outfits and gives off a confident vibe. 

Here’s how you can do it. 

  • Take a triangular or rectangular hijab and tie it around your head.
  • Secure it with a pin at the bottom of your chin. 
  • Wrap the two ends around each other and use a pin to secure it at your back. 
  • Tuck everything in your shirt and get the modish no-show look. 

Tips to Carry a Stylish Hijab

Hijab does not stop you from looking modern and stylish; rather, it adds a graceful touch to your everyday look. Here are some tips to enhance your hijabi look and make it more stylish.

  • Use hijab accessories such as hijab pins and necklaces. They create a stunning look effortlessly. You can also wear shimmery hijab caps with plain hijabs for a glittery effect.
  • Use a hijab cap to wrap the hijab neatly. It keeps all the layers in place and is perfect for beginners to experiment with different looks. 
  • Some classy glasses go well with hijabs for daytime events, outings, and formal meetings.
  • Keep some printed hijabs in your hijab collection. They pair well with various outfits. 
  • Don’t wrap your hijab too tight that it makes breathing difficult. Do not go for a too-loose look, either. Otherwise, you will have to spend all the time setting and keeping it in place.
  • Use only a few pins. Too many visible pins look unpleasant. 


While there are many more face variations, not everyone can exactly fit into one of the several categories. The only aspect of your hijab that will change is how it looks, not how it is worn. Making sure the hijab is as comfy as feasible to wear is your main priority. 

If you have confidence in yourself, you can do anything once you know your face shape and the best hijab styles for various facial shapes. Also, choose fabrics like linen, cotton, or chiffon instead of satin, which doesn't stay in place well. Keeping these recommendations in mind, you won’t make a mistake!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hijab style looks good on all face shapes?

Loosely wrapped hijab around the face with one end at the front while the other across the shoulder looks good on all face shapes. It is the simplest hijab style that does not require any fancy hijab accessories like pins and brooches. 

How to know which hijab style is suitable for my face?

Read and understand your face shape well to know the most suitable hijab style for your face. Once you analyze the shape of your face, try different hijab styles to choose the best one for you. The suitable style is the one that enhances your facial features and offers comfortable head coverage. 

What hijab color complements every skin tone?

Medium tones that have a balanced blend of cool and warm tones look great on almost all skin tones. Some of the best hijab colors that complement every skin tone include peach, lavender, jade green, and dusty pink.  

Does hijab damage the hairline?

A hijab does not damage your hairline, but the way you wrap the hijab around your face does. If you wrap the hijab too tightly around your head, such that it keeps pulling your hair, it may lead to thinning of the hairline. This condition is also known as traction alopecia or hijab alopecia. 

Which hijab material is the best for beginners?

Polyester and cotton are the best hijab fabrics for beginners. They are easy to carry and wrap around your face. Moreover, they allow air to pass through so that you do not feel suffocated wearing a hijab. 

How to match the hijab color with a dress?

Choose a hijab in either a lighter or darker shade than the color of your outfit. This way, the hijab looks more prominent. Printed hijabs with plain outfits and plain hijabs with printed outfits also look good.

What are the benefits of wearing a hijab? 

The hijab has advantages aside from being acceptable from a religious point of view. It protects your hair from the damaging effects of dust, mint, sunlight, heat, and the bitter winter cold. 

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