Best Breathable Nail Polishes for Your Next Trip

Best Breathable Nail Polishes for Your Next Trip - Mersi Cosmetics

When you're picking out the perfect outfit for a day of adventure in a new city, you will get your comfy shoes, your stylish yet practical bag, and, of course, you would want your nails to look just as fabulous.

But, if you're someone who follows Halal guidelines, or want your nails to breathe while you are on your adventure, not just any nail polish will work. So, what exactly makes a nail polish Breathable? Let’s discuss that in detail and also explore the range of nail polishes that are available for women who love to travel.

What Makes Nail Polish Halal?

Halal nail polish is all about being permissible under Islamic law. This means it should not have any haram (forbidden) ingredients like alcohol or animal-derived components. But there's a really cool feature that sets Halal nail polishes apart from the rest It is that they're breathable. This means water can pass through the nail polish and reach your nails. It matters for those who perform Wudu (the Islamic procedure for washing parts of the body before prayer) because traditional nail polish can be a barrier. But with breathable, Halal nail polish, water can pass through to the polish. This makes it Wudu-friendly.

If you are an adventurous woman who loves fashion but wants to follow her faith's principles, halal nail paint can be your secret path to fulfilment. It all comes down to choosing what to wear on our bodies with awareness, inclusivity, and ethics. Halal nail polish is something to look forward to on your next travels.

Exploring the World Through Colors

Traveling is a wonderful way to see the world's scenery, civilizations, and natural delights. You can have a little piece of the beauty of the world with you when you go out on your adventures. 

Mersi Cosmetics provides a variety of halal nail polishes that are breathable and inspired by different locations. These nail polish colors make your nails look gorgeous, and they also help you maintain a connection to the outdoors and your travel fantasies. These are some of Mersi Cosmetics' ideal nail polish colors for travelers:

1. Skardu Halal Nail Polish Breathable

Skardu Halal Nail Polish Breathable 10ML - Mersi Cosmetics

This delicate shade of baby pink was inspired by the majestic mountains of Skardu. It shows the peace and natural beauty of Gilgit-Baltistan's Central Valley in northern Pakistan. Skardu is renowned for the magnificent Himalayas, pure lakes, and breathtaking views. 

Women who find comfort in the company of mountains and the simplicity of untouched nature will love this nail polish color. It is because it represents the peace and purity of nature. It is a soft reminder of the peaceful locations that you have visited or still want to see.

2. Palestine Halal Nail Polish Breathable

Palestine Halal Nail Polish Breathable 10ML - Mersi Cosmetics

Palestine nail polish's pistachio shade is inspired by the historic olive trees, which symbolize resilience, peace, and harmony. Olive trees symbolize the strength and determination of the Palestinian people and are an important part of Palestinian culture. 

This light green color is ideal for women who value both natural beauty and historical significance. It is a tribute to the eternal attraction of Palestine's olive trees and the enduring spirit of the country's scenery. Wearing this color can serve as a reminder of the determination and peace that come with every journey.

3. Northern Lights Breathable Halal Nail Polish

Northern Lights Breathable Halal Nail Polish 10ML - Mersi Cosmetics

Northern Lights is a gorgeous shade of violet inspired by the bright colors of the Aurora Borealis. This breathtaking natural light show can be seen in the Arctic region. The sky is colored in shades of green, pink, and violet. 

The violet color is a great option if you've always wanted to see the magical Northern Lights because it perfectly reflects this magical happening. This color represents the surprise and beauty of making unexpected discoveries on your travels.

4. Black Forest Breathable Halal Nail Polish

Black Forest Breathable Halal Nail Polish 10ML - Mersi Cosmetics

This deep, rich color reflects the thick pine trees and the area's rich past. It was inspired by the mysterious and dense Black Forest in southwest Germany. The Black Forest was previously known for its deep, gloomy trees. It has now grown into one of Germany's biggest national parks. 

The national park is filled with hot springs, waterfalls, and spas. Women who enjoy visiting forests and natural areas will love this nail paint color. It reflects the curiosity and excitement you feel when you step into the unknown.

5. Tanzania Breathable Halal Nail Polish

Tanzania Breathable Halal Nail Polish 10ML - Mersi Cosmetics

Tanzania nail polish's sparkling red color is inspired by Tanzania's stunning salt lakes, specifically Lake Natron. The unusual red color of this lake is caused by microorganisms that grow in its salty environment. The flamingos that flock around the lake and its exceptional color mix to create an amazing show. 

This rich red color is ideal for women who enjoy bold, exciting views and the beauty of nature's extremes. It is a shade that is often linked with passion, discovery, and the excitement of travel.

With each of these breathable nail paint colors from Mersi Cosmetics, you can carry a little bit of the beauty of the world with you. They are more than simply colors. They tell stories about scenery, civilizations, and nature's determination.

The Breathable Technology Behind Halal Nail Polish

Breathable nail polish is made to allow tiny molecules of water and air to penetrate your nails. It is like your nail polish has little invisible pores. This is super different from traditional nail polishes, which create an impermeable layer. That layer seals off your nails from the world.

Breathable nail polish has an amazing and useful science behind it. A special recipe is used in these nail paints. This formula allows them to maintain their glossy texture and bright colors while following religious and health considerations. It's like having the most beautiful and useful things in one package. Additionally, this technology makes it harder for your nails to chip and peel, which is important for any traveler who wants to look amazing and fresh when they are on their adventures.

Applying a beautiful shade of breathable Halal nail paint is like dressing your nails in a little, breathable clothing. It doesn’t matter where your travels take you; you can show off a gorgeous, guilt-free manicure while your nails get to "breathe" and be healthy.

How to Choose the Best Halal Nail Polishes for Traveling?

Not all nail polishes are created equal when it comes to picking the perfect travel companion for your nails. Let's look at some of the best choices that will keep your nails looking colorful and ready for any adventure:

You should start by thinking about well-known companies that are popular for their commitment to halal, breathable, and vegan nail polish. These polishes are respectful to the environment and our fur buddies. If you want a guarantee that your manicure will look amazing from takeoff to landing and every journey in between, you should choose polishes with long-lasting formulas.

There are companies that provide a wide range of colors inspired by the natural beauty of our planet. These are for adventurer-loving women who enjoy using color to represent who they are. There's a color for every place, from the earthy tones of a desert walk to the soothing blues of the calm sea.

Remember that the ideal Halal nail polish for travelers is the one that complements your unique style, follows Halal regulations, and can survive the demands of travel. So, you should be prepared to add a splash of color to your next vacation by packing your bags, selecting your color, and getting ready.


Breathable nail paints with a travel theme are ideal for any traveler. They look amazing, allow your nails to breathe, and keep them healthy even when you are constantly moving. These polishes come in a variety of shades that are inspired by different locations around the world. They add a playful element to the trips you take. 

These nail polishes last a long time and are really simple to use. They are appropriate for all types of travel, whether you are sightseeing in a city or trekking up a mountain. That is why you should take these nail paints on your next vacation to have trendy, attractive nails anywhere you go.


Can I take Nail Polish in hand luggage with me?

Yes, you can take nail polish in your hand luggage whenever you fly anywhere.

What nail polish is appropriate for beach vacation? 

You must go for neutral colors like beige, pastels, or nude if you're planning a getaway to a beach. 

Which nail color is most trendy for the summer?

Vibrant and bright colors such as neon orange, bubble gum pink, brilliant reds, or baby blues are the most trendy nail colors for summer.

Which minimalist nail colors are popular?

Rich, creamy neutrals and timeless colors are available for minimalists that will make their nails stand out.

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