5 Cute Hijab Styles To Freshen Up Your Look

5 Cute Hijab Styles To Freshen Up Your Look - Mersi Cosmetics

Have you been wanting to freshen up your hijab styles but didn’t really know where to start? Stay tuned for 5 cute ways to wear a hijab that are great for summer and will make you feel good!

1. Hijab Styles with Accessories

If you already have a style you love but want to add some pizzazz, try accessorizing.

You can put a chain on top of or coming out of your hijab for a beautiful feminine touch. This look is nice because it’s very visible, which a necklace might not be. It still allows you to express yourself through jewelry. Perfect for a party or going to dinner with friends!

2. Hijab without a pin

hijab styles without a pin

This look is achieved by covering your head with a long rectangular scarf and tossing one end of the scarf over your shoulder. This airy style is perfect for summer! It is very breathable, but can also be done with an under cap for a sense of security that no hair is showing.

3. Turban Style Hijab

turban hijab styles

What a great way to expose your earrings while maintaining modesty! The turban style is breathable and keeps your neck cool by removing the excess material. If you are worried about having your neck exposed, style the turban with a nice airy scarf to maintain the summer feel of the look! Or for a covered neck turban look, check out this quick and easy turban tutorial that isn’t completely wrapped.

4. Side-pinned Hijab Styles

To achieve this look: drape your scarf over your head with one long and one short hanging end. Pull the long hanging end along your chin, up to your temple on the opposite side of your head. From there, all you have to do is pin it!

5. Modern Hijab Style

hijab styles

Again, this style requires no pins. Modern means simple and minimalist, but it doesn’t mean boring. Just look at how beautiful this style is! All you have to do is casually drape the scarf over your head, wrap both ends around your neck, and then let them fall down your chest. This creates a light and airy look while remaining fun and pretty.

Wearing a hijab every day does not need to be boring. Switch it up every once in a while! Accessorize, change how you wrap. Make it fun and make it you! The possibilities of hijab styles are endless. 

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