What Does Your Nail Shape Say About You?

What Does Your Nail Shape Say About You? - Mersi Cosmetics

If you thought that nail color was the only way to personalize your nails, think again. Nail shape trends change every year, but consistently nails help show off your personality and style.

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Different nail shape types:

square nail shapeSquare: Square nails are classic and simple. You’re willing to put in time for maintenance of your nails. On top of this, you’re practical and consistent in your life choices, number 1 being your nails!




oval nail shape


Oval: Elegant and individualistic. With these two traits being said, you clearly carry yourself with confidence and people can spot your sophistication from a mile away. You’re rockin’ it while remaining poised.





squoval nail shapeSquoval: The mix between square and oval. This style is a classic and one of the most popular nail shapes today. Squoval shaped nails are elegant, yet easy going. The rounded corners on the squared off nail are super easy to maintain, helps prevent the nail from breaking, and keep you from accidentally scratching anyone. Win, win, win!




Rounded: You like to go with the flow and let nature take its course. Rounded nails are one of the most common natural nail styles that lead to easy maintenance. Part of your philosophy is making others happy, and you do so by reminding them of the simple pleasures in life.

Almond: This shape is the perfect touch on feminine. Whether you’re going out with friends or on a date, you’re ready to show up in style, but know how to not go overboard. The almond nail symbolizes your honestly, loyalty, and kindness you portray in your daily life. It’s a take on the classic rounded style that also demonstrates a little bit of your creativity and readiness to face life head on.



coffin nail shapeCoffin: Also known as the ballerina shoe. This style has a flare of its own – even if you’re using a simple color on them. The coffin nail shape is for confident individuals who don’t want to throw away practicality for style. You’ve still got things to do and people do see! Your stylish, edgy nails aren’t going to get in your way, they’re going to help you get there and seize the day. To make it even edgier, try our Black Forest Breathable Nail Polish.


stiletto nail shapeStiletto: The next step in edgy. Inspired by stiletto heals, this nail shape is bold and daring. You know how to make an appearance and you don’t care what others think. Your friends might know you as a trendsetter because you aren’t afraid to take a risk. You do you, boo! (just beware, this shape is prone to breaking, so be careful!)




There are so many new options shaping nails to express yourself and each one says something different… So, which will you choose?

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