2020 Nail Trends You Won’t Want To Miss

2020 Nail Trends You Won’t Want To Miss - Mersi Cosmetics

2020 has brought us many unimaginable events, but it has also brought plenty of amazing things. One of the greatest creations that have come with this year is new nail trends! Picking 5 styles for this article was really difficult, so if you have any favorites I didn’t mention, be sure to drop suggestions in the comments!

Full Hand Ombre

ombre nail trendsombre nail trends

While ombre on one nail has been a thing for a while now, the new take is to extend the ombre across the hand from nail to nail! This requires pulling out at least 5 different nail polishes, but the result is beautiful. Do this trend with pastels or nudes. Additionally, you do it as a mirror image between hands or extend the ombre across all 10 fingers if you have colors that work well together. Be sure to take a look at our Black Lives Matter Donation Set so you can get a great price on your favorite 5 colors.

Color Block French Manicure

french manicure nail trendsfrench manicure nail trends

The French Manicure has been revived! From 2002 to 2020, this style has transformed with a new twist. Adding color! This design can be done with pastels, or if you’re feeling super adventurous you could even use neons. Do it as an ombre of colors like in the first photo or as a mix&match between colors like in the second photo!

Holographic Chromes/Metallics

Shiny, shiny, shiny! This look creates a beautiful glisten that you can’t resist looking at. If you’re not a fan of the full metallic nail, a new holographic take on the classic ombre is the way to go. It adds some pep to the classic nude pink pictured here!

Color Blocking

color blocking nail trends

While this isn’t necessarily a new nail trend, it is still a great look. This particular picture includes a metallic silver, which is one of the current trends that we just discussed. Color blocking is a really cool nail trend because it can be done easily at home using scotch tape! It can also be switched up and you can make whatever design you want to see on your nails!

Abstract Nail Art

abstract nail trends

Inspiration can be found in day to day life. This first look was inspired by the way the artist’s plant looked wavy! The second look is a little more contemporary, inspired by the cosmic galaxy. Go big or go small but make it interesting and different! Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to create one of the next nail trends!

Nails are the perfect way to express yourself. Bright or nude-toned, simple, or complex. No matter what, I’m sure they’ll turn out spectacular! Tag us in your next nail design on Instagram!

*original artists' Instagrams are linked in the photos*

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