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Is halal nail polish allowed in Islam?

Contrary, to popular belief nail polish, is not Haram (impermissible) in Islam. It is, however, impractical for practicing Muslim Women. Regular nail polish creates an impermeable layer when applied. Blocking water from touching our nails during Wudu. Therefore invalidating the Ablution process.

Halal nail polish, unlike regular nail polish, creates a water-permeable layer when applied. The unique breathable nail polish formula it's made with allows water and oxygen to pass through it. Making it possible for Muslim women to perform Ablution and pray with halal nail polish.

Is halal nail polish actually halal? It's okay to be skeptical, as Muslims we are hardly ever told we actually can do something. However, breathable nail polish is simply a long-overdue innovation in technology.

So, how does breathable nail polish work? Chemistry. Breathable nail polish formulas are made with a different molecular structure than traditional polish.

"See, traditional nail polish is made up of very neat, tight molecular bonds, like straight lines stacked directly on top of each other. But the molecules that make up water- and air-permeable formulas feature a more staggered structure—like a bricklaying pattern—that allows teeny water and air molecules to slip through the spaces." Very simply put in an Allure article by Lauren Hubbard.

Many companies have realized this formula solves a problem and innovated the formula further. Mersi Cosmetics, spent over a year on research and development to ensure we release the most permeable formula on the market. We're constantly working to improve water permeability and performance.

In the video below, we demonstrated the breathability of our nail polish compared to regular nail polish. Using the Alka-Seltzer test. Alka-Seltzer dissolves when it touches water. When covered completely with our water permeable nail polish, it almost immediately begins to dissolve in water. When cover in regular (O.P.I.) nail polish, it does not for a very long time. 

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