What does Islam say about Halal Nail Polish?

What does Islam say about Halal Nail Polish? - Mersi Cosmetics

The trend for halal cosmetics and beauty products does not seem to come to an end. People are more inclined towards it as the trend is surging. The halal cosmetics business is expected to grow and become more popular in the upcoming years. Despite its popularity, there are only a handful of brands offering authentic halal products. One of the most trending halal beauty products is halal nail polish.

What is Halal Nail Polish?

The word halal represents anything that is permissible under Islamic laws and principles. It can include any object, item, or idea. The term endorses that the thing under consideration does not include anything forbidden in Islam and is allowed for use.

Halal nail polishes are breathable and water permeable nail polishes. This means that they allow water and oxygen to pass through the topcoat and reach the nail’s surface. Complying with the criteria to be halal certified, these nail polishes are made vegan and cruelty-free. There is no prohibited component added in the manufacturing of nail polish that contradicts Islamic laws.


Islamic Concerns about Nail Polish

There lies a misconception among people that nail polish is prohibited in Islam, which is not necessarily true. There are a few concerns regarding nail polish and its use to decide whether it is allowed in Islam or not. Have a look at some of them.

Ingredients of the Nail Polish

The ingredients or the components added during the manufacturing of nail polish are crucial. According to Islamic principles, any nail polish containing animal-driven ingredients or prohibited elements is not halal and thus not suitable for Muslim women to wear. The key prohibited element that is a part of traditional nail polishes is alcohol which is strictly prohibited in Islam.

Mainstream Nail Polish: Water Resistance

Traditional mainstream nail polishes are water-resistant. The topcoat of a regular nail polish prevents water or any other fluid from reaching the nail. This causes a hindrance when performing Wudu, without which Muslims can’t offer their daily prayers.

Muslim offer prayers five times daily. Before prayers, they must perform ablution or wudu to cleanse their body. It includes washing hands thoroughly such that water reaches everywhere. Since regular nail polishes block water from reaching the nails, you are not allowed them to wear during prayers.


How is Halal Nail Polish Different from an Ordinary Nail Polish?

Halal nail polish is formulated uniquely with a breathable formula, this formula has a different molecular structure than typical nail polish formulas. The technology is similar to the technology used for the manufacturing of contact lenses allowing water to penetrate through what's essentially a film and reach the eye. Detailed information regarding the science can be found here This allows Muslim women to perform wudu properly, which is one of the crucial religious obligations. It removes the barrier to prayers created by traditional nail polishes by hindering the proper performance of wudu.

The nail polish formula used in halal nail polishes is mainly based on vegan and cruelty-free practices. The addition of less harmful and chemically processed components makes them good for nails. Since they are breathable, they allow your nails to breathe and prevent them from becoming excessively abrasive.

Thus, halal nail polishes fulfil the following fundamental criteria that differentiate it from other ordinary nail polishes.

  • Does not contain any prohibited/haram substances
  • Allows water to penetrate through during wudu


How to Identify Halal Nail Polish?

Apparently, it is difficult to identify whether a nail polish is halal or not just by looking at it. You can decide on the basis of some other factors that are mentioned below.

Vegan Composition

For nail polish to be halal, it must not contain ingredients driven by animals. Especially those prohibited under Islamic principles. It must be entirely vegan. When buying halal nail polish, make sure it is vegan and does not contain any objectionable animal-driven elements.


This is by far the most important characteristic that must be present in nail polish to be declared halal. It allows water and oxygen to travel through the layer to the nail. This is the leading feature allowing water to penetrate through the nail polish during ablution (wudu). Halal nail polish must be highly permeable and porous.

No Prohibited Ingredients

Traditional nail polishes include a number of different chemicals and substances that are prohibited in Islam. The biggest example of such a substance that is common in nail paints is alcohol. Make sure that the one you are buying does not include any substance such as alcohol which is considered haram in Islam.

Halal Certified

The easiest and most reliable way is to check whether the nail polish is halal certified or not. Those nail polishes which meet the key requirements of being permissible in Islam have halal certificates ensuring that there is no prohibited element added to them. They are manufactured, processed, and packaged under halal practices.

All these features, besides others, make nail polish halal and permissible for Muslim women.


Benefits of Halal Nail Polish

Halal nail polish offers some amazing benefits to your nails that make it worth trying whether you are a practicing Muslim or not.

·         Less Harsh Chemical

The excessive harsh chemicals in the nail polish harm nails’ health. When worn for a long period of time or used frequently, these chemicals dehydrate the nails. They make them lose their shine and become dry. They also turn the shiny surface rough, that not only looks bad but also makes the nails weak. Halal nail polishes, made on breathable formula, include less harmful chemicals and are less harsh on the nails.

·         Healthy Nails

Halal nail polish allows users to keep their nails moisturized even when they are painted. The porous layer helps them absorb moisture every time you wash your hands. Every time you perform wudu during the day, you can leave your nails in a better and healthier state.

·         Easy Application

You can apply halal nail polish the same as you would apply normal nail polish. Cleanse your nails before and coat your nails with your favorite colored nail paint. Since it has a porous layer, it carries oxygen to the surface, allowing it to dry quickly at the bottom. Fast drying. 

Bottom Line  

If you want to style your nails without missing any of your religious prayers as a Muslim woman, you must try a good-quality and authentic halal nail polish. Its amazing features not only help you let your nails look good but also improve their health. Halal nail polish proves to be a lifesaver for practicing Muslim women who want to keep up with the latest fashion trends also.

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