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3 Eid Dresses That Match Our Most Popular Shades

Before we get into the fashion aspect of Eid dresses and nail polishes, let’s discuss some of the background behind the purpose of it all!

Why do people buy new clothes and dress up?

Eid is commonly thought of as a symbol of new beginnings. With such, new clothing is appropriate. Eid is a day where you should look your best: wearing new clothes, smelling nice, and getting a haircut are all a part of the celebration. This tradition began during the early days of Islam and is continued to this day.

What should I wear?

People often wear modest but colorful clothing for Eid. Further, women are encouraged to wear Hijabs on this occasion. While the level of formality is up to you and your family’s traditions, it never hurts to have your nails match your dress. We are going to dive into 3 fancier Eid dress ideas and the perfect Mersi Cosmetics breathable nail polish shade to go with it!

Eid Dresses and their matching nail polish shades

Stunning Scarlet

A stunning scarlet red dress such as this one would be beautifully accented by either our Giza Breathable Nail Polish or our Antelope Breathable Nail Polish. Antelope is perfect for the base color. Being a deeper red than the dress will help prevent potential clash. Additionally, Giza can either be used on its own as the main color to accent the gold of the dress, or it can be used as a single accent nail on each hand, depending how creative you’re feeling.

Beautiful Black Dress

black Eid dresseshalal nail polish by mersi cosmetics

With this black dress, you can’t go wrong no matter what color you choose to paint your nails. For example, going from a sexy red to a brilliant blue, you can really choose whatever color you’d like to to draw attention to your nails and accent this dress. On the other hand, if you prefer to let the dress do the talking, go with a more natural shade such as Pink Sand Breathable Nail Polish.

Pretty in Pink

Mersi Cosmetics Rotomahana Halal Nail Polishhalal nail polish by mersi cosmetics

Rotomahana Breathable Nail Polish & Spiaggia Rosa Breathable Nail Polish

Above all, this dress is about the accents. Without the subtle decor, this dress would be very simple. The small highlights make the dress pop, and the best move would be to match your nails to the accents. Therefore, Rotomahana Breathable Nail Polish or Spiaggia Rosa Breathable Nail Polish would be the perfect colors for this dress. They bring out the beauty in the dress and help turn the simple design into something spectacular.

Which of these Eid dresses is your favorite? Let us know in the comments. Also, share with us which color you decide to paint your nails this coming Eid al-Adha!

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