2022 Modest Fashion Trends for Muslim Women

2022 Modest Fashion Trends for Muslim Women - Mersi Cosmetics

The constant evolution of the fashion industry results in new fashion trends every year. Those who want to stay in touch with the latest trends must be keen to follow them to stay in the limelight. If you want to keep up with modern-day Muslim fashion while keeping your cultural values and the idea of modesty, you must be careful about your choices of fashion trends. Not every trend is worth following, keeping in mind your grace as a Muslim woman. 

Here is a list of the latest fashion trends for Muslim women to follow and look gorgeous this year.

Turban Hijabs

The popularity of different types of hijabs styles is truly amazing. One of the latest trends in this regard is that of turban-style hijabs. This is ideal for those who love to experiment with their hijabi look and want to look modern and modest at the same time. There is no need to buy different scarves for this. You can use any available hijab to tie a full or half turban around your head.

It is sometimes more comfortable and easy to manage for women. It is especially ideal for working women as well as students. You might choose to tie it with a plain scarf or a printed one, depending on your dress. It works perfectly fine with several dressing options, including the usual jeans and top, skirts, short or long frocks, and formal dress suits. 

Harem Pants

If you love to wear pants but want to keep them modest and comfortable, harem pants are for you. They are loose, baggy pants with either a waistband or a waist belt to complete the look. You can pair it with a trendy leather belt or an elastic waistband in contrast with the shirt.

They are a popular trend among Muslim women this year. Harem pants are available in printed and plain fabric, combining fashion and comfort perfectly. They usually suit every body type and look good on teenagers and young women. You can style harem pants with various shirts and tops.

Halal Nail Polish

Love to paint your nails? Now you can without the need for removing the nail paint for making wudu. Halal nail polish has quickly become a lifesaver for Muslim women. They are easy to wear and offer convenience when keeping up with religious obligations. 

The most attractive feature of these nail polishes is that they provide a breathable cover on your nails, allowing water and oxygen to pass through. Since water penetrates the nails, you can wear them during prayers. They come in all beautiful shades and work the same as other nail polishes. You can paint your nails in any color you want with trendy nail art.

Beige Dresses

Yes, the trend for beige dresses is back, and you can follow it with all your heart. Beige dresses might have always been a part of your wardrobe for their comfort and stylish feel. Now you can confidently embrace them at parties, informal get-togethers, and your casual look.  

The comfort of the dress greatly depends on the material it is made from. You can get them personalized in linen, silk, or chiffon as you might want it. For a casual look, it is better to go for a linen dress. While on the other hand, a formal look would rather be more depicted with a silk beige dress with a bit of embroidery and jewelry.

Embroidered Velvet Jumpsuits

The trend of jumpsuits never grows old, and this is why we love them a lot. This year, velvet jumpsuits are trending, and they are worth adding to your wardrobe. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they look stylish and modest as well. The best part about them is that you can style them in different ways to wear them at parties, social gatherings, and wedding events. 

A little embroidery at the neckline and sleeves will make it the perfect choice for an evening dress. You can even style them with a denim jacket or a matching hijab if you like. If you love to wear velvet, this would be a must-have for your closet this year. 

Trendy Kimonos

The traditional Japanese wear, Kimono, is trending with a modish touch. The latest Kimono designs in the market are not only modest but also look classy. The attractive prints and striking designs make you want to fill your wardrobe with them. There are several ways to style them, and each of them looks classy.

You can keep them front-open or tie a belt around your waist. It looks awesome both ways. It can be worn for casual as well as formal looks along with simple silver jewelry. They are usually long and cover your whole body. However, you can even choose a short or medium length as per your comfort and styling.

Long Skirts

Who doesn’t love to flare long skirts with attractive prints? They perfectly align with the Muslim fashion theme. There are multiple options available to style your long skirts for different events. The most trendy long skirt styling ideas include pairing it with short denim jackets, embroidered shirts, turban hijabs, and button-up shirts. 

They look perfect on young girls, teenagers, as well as women in their early 30s. They can be customized, made on order, or bought ready-to-wear. The best part is that they are budget-friendly. If you plan to add a stylish touch to your wardrobe this year, go for trendy long skirts and style them as you want. 

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