Stop Sacrificing The Health Of Your Nails For Traditional Polish

Stop Sacrificing The Health Of Your Nails For Traditional Polish - Mersi Cosmetics

We all know traditional nail polish is not a healthy option for your nails. It has always been a necessary evil because how can we live without beautiful nails?


Why is nail polish bad for your nails?

Nail polish essentially seals our nails off from oxygen and hydration. For years, women have been experiencing nail discoloration and easy breakage from nail polish due to this. But, it’s 2020! We are no longer limited to traditional polish.

What is breathable nail polish?


Northern Lights Breathable Nail Polish by Mersi Cosmetics

“Northern Lights”, Breathable Nail Polish by Mersi Cosmetics

This new innovative formula has proven to let water and oxygen permeate through and reach the nailbed. This allows our nails to essentially breathe, reducing yellow stains and brittleness. It allows provides our nails with the necessary hydration they need. Breathable nail polish is overall a healthier alternative to traditional nail polish. However, don’t fret if you’ve been using traditional polish your entire life. Even if your nails have suffered years of damage from lack of oxygen and hydration, there are numerous treatments available such as deep nutrition nail treatment that rebuilds and smooths your nails.
So, say goodbye to unhealthy nails and let your nails breathe with Mersi!

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