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Halal Nail Polish - The Islamic Perspective - Mersi Cosmetics
Breaking Stereotypes

Halal Nail Polish - The Islamic Perspective

Halal nail polishes have been in talk since they came into the market. Are you confused about them too? Well, it's time you learn everything about them and decide what's right.   

Beauty TipsSummer 2021 Nail Polish Colors: Get the Trend to Follow You - Mersi Cosmetics

Summer 2021 Nail Polish Colors: Get the Trend to Follow You

This summer, everyone’s closet is finally getting unlocked, those new shoes are getting unboxed, the color palette is looking less coherent than a Pollock, and trends are rising and falling faster ...

Hijabs of Summer: Cotton and Chiffon are Your Friends

Salam wa aleikum, akhawati!  Summer is here and so is the time to find out how to pick a hijab that will keep you cool and dry on the hottest of days. Let’s talk about the three most important de...

NailsBeginner's Guide to Nail Care - Mersi Cosmetics

Beginner's Guide to Nail Care

Whether you're one to get your nails done at the salon, or someone who prefers to do it yourself at home, it is important to keep up maintenance on your nails when you're not able to make it out or...


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3 Eid Dresses That Match Our Most Popular Shades

Before we get into the fashion aspect of Eid dresses and nail polishes, let’s discuss some of the background behind the purpose of it all! Why do people buy new clothes and dress up? Eid is commonl...

4th of July Nail Art we Love

The United States declared their independence from Britain on July 4th, 1776. Ever since, it has been celebrated as a day of life, liberty, and freedom. With 4th of July just around the corner, it...