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Summer 2021 Nail Polish Colors: Get the Trend to Follow You

Summer 2021 Nail Polish Colors: Get the Trend to Follow You - Mersi Cosmetics

This summer, everyone’s closet is finally getting unlocked, those new shoes are getting unboxed, the color palette is looking less coherent than a Pollock, and trends are rising and falling faster than the tides. We’ve already seen the ascension of the wolf cut (mashup of the shag and the mullet) and the replacement of skinny jeans with the straight leg. Personally, I think this is going to be phenomenal. It means everything goes...well, except socks with sandals. 

Remember: any trend can be tailored to your taste and what makes your style yours. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely on fashion’s good side, but I love experimenting. After all, fashion is a form of self-expression and I have….a express. That means that I’m not always feeling the electric blues or eclectic ambers. Sometimes I want the spotlight on an accessory and I tone everything else down with earthy colors and nudes. Other times, I’ll keep it classic with a deep blue or rich red. 

This article is all about how to stay on trend without sacrificing your personal taste. We’re talking six of this season’s most popular colors. We’ll start out with Summer 2021’s bright picks and then mellow out with nudes before finishing with the classics that never disappoint.  

What better way to start off the summer with a blue inspired by the lush blue beaches of Corfu? I hope you’re ready to feel like a mermaid, because this blue has a lot of energy and is ready to be paired with something much more than ordinary.

Our next bright is a power pink. Watermelon Snow is named after the dazzling pink color found on old snow banks and glaciers. I’ll take the watermelon, hold the snow and enjoy the refreshingly warm summer ahead of us!




New summer, new me, New Salina. One of our newest products this season comes from the influence of Spain’s Pink Lake, Las Salinas de Torrevieja. The waters are said to prevent diseases and improve your health while the mud and sand on the shore are excellent exfoliants. Just like the Pink Lake, New Salina’s versatility will enchant you.



I want to introduce you to one of the not-so-ancient wonders of this summer: Giza. Its golden shine is subtle enough to wear with anything, but commanding enough to make whatever you’re wearing a statement. A true treasure, but don’t bother hunting for it.





Red Beach, located in Panjin, China, is famous for its brilliant red landscape created by Suaeda salsa plants. A classic color in nature and a classic color on nails, this red is universal. It can add the flare to earthy attire or double down on an already daring outfit.


A deep blue will never fail you. New Sabana was created from the muse of La Gran Sabana — a region of Venezuela with numerous rivers and waterfalls and one of the world’s most unusual landscapes. The perfect color to make any look flow, New Sabana and La Gran Sabana are masters of harmonizing diversity



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