It’s Time to Break the “Blue Wall Of Silence”.

Martin Luther King Jr. Once Said:


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

We live in an unfair, broken justice system where the lives of unarmed African Americans such as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmed Arbery, and numerous others are lost to police brutality. Hearts are broken, families are destroyed. Enough is enough. As a nation, we must demand change. We must take action, speak up louder than ever before, and understand that all lives do not matter if black lives don’t matter. 


Wondering what the blue wall of silence is?


The blue wall of silence is how loyalty is measured in law enforcement. Officers take an unofficial oath to not turn on one another when chaotic events erupt or when one abuses their power. A perfect example of the blue wall of silence and the consequences that come with it can be found below, in a series of viral tweets from former police officer Paul Manning.  

As you can see from these tweets, our system has been broken for many, many years. Officers who speak up for police misconduct get punished for it and questioned if they’ve ever had any sense of “brotherhood.” So, instead of serving to protect each and every citizen, they’ve expanded the division between law enforcement and the people. We must put an end to police misconduct and break the blue wall of silence.

Wherever you are, here are some ways you can support the Black Lives Matter movement, continue to spread awareness, and help put a stop to a system that is constantly failing to protect its people.

  1. Donate to organizations that need funding Black Lives Matter Official George Floyd Memorial Fund Minnesota Freedom Fund
  2. Sign a petition Justice for George Floyd Justice for Breonna Taylor National Action Against Police Brutality
  3. Attend a protest
  4. Vote
  5. Educate yourself and others

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