Pink Beach Halal Nail Polish Breathable 10ML

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The Mersi Difference 
Inspired by the stunning pigment of pink sands beach located on Harbour island in the Bahamas. This breathtaking pigmentation comes from the red shell of the island's resident marine life mixing with its white sand. Harbour island is most famously known for its resorts. Providing the ultimate relaxation surrounded by beautiful views.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Breathable & Nourishing: Enhanced with a breathable formula for healthy nails, our polish ensures long-lasting color and care.
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free: Certified by PETA, our ethical polish brings you guilt-free glamour.
  • Halal Certified: Embracing diverse beauty needs, our product is both Halal certified and Wudu friendly.
  • Clean Formula: Committed to your well-being, our 21-free formula is devoid of harsh chemicals, for a non-toxic polish that protects and shines.

All of our products are ethically made in the USA. Try our eco-friendly polish now.

You'll Feel the Difference

Discover Our Unique Approach To Nail Care
That Makes Us Stand Out

Mersi Breathable Nail polish

✔️     Free of 21-toxic chemicals
✔️     Vegan & Cruelty-Free
✔️     Halal Certified
✔️     Wide Angled user friendly brush
✔️     Breathable, Water Permeable, and Fast Drying Formula

Typical Mainstream Nail Polish

✗     Typically contains harsh chemicals
✗     Contains animal byproducts
✗     Creates impermeable layer when applied essentially blocking your nails from oxygen and moisture



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

It’s ok not bad nice color

Tutku Okyay

I loved the color, the texture, how it dries fast! The only thing is that it chips fast, usually goes for max 2 days if I am being careful, (since it is not gel I think most nail polishes are like that anyways), but I dont mind applying frequently since it dries fast it doesnt take much of my time. I truly loved it




I like the color

Queen Sheba
Very Nice color!

I love all your nail polish colors and this one as well, dear Mersi Cosmetics. Please keep us with your great work. Thanks!

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