Work From Home Outfit: Quarantine Edition

Work From Home Outfit: Quarantine Edition - Mersi Cosmetics

By now, you’ve probably come to the realization that working from home doesn’t necessarily mean you get to work in your pajamas. There comes a time where your boss calls for a random Zoom meeting because you or your coworker is having a difficult time. When that time comes, you should be prepared to answer. On top of this uncertainty, it just helps to start your day by getting dressed in the morning. Just because your routine has changed, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still prepare for the day. This is why having the perfect work from home outfit choices is so important. Coming up with a new routine can do wonders for your mental health and your alertness towards the workday!

How to dress while working from home, according to the experts

Even though you aren’t wearing pajamas, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a comfortable outfit. You can still be cozy since you don’t have to go into the office. Just make your cozy a little more professional. It’s a great excuse to participate in the online shopping you might already be doing anyway.

Top Half of the Work from Home Outfit:

This is likely the more important aspect of your outfit. This is what is going to show on that unexpected Zoom call. So, it’s probably better if you’re not wearing that beat-up old t-shirt with the holes that you used to paint your house or dye your hair in! While you don’t have to be super fancy if you’re not expecting a video chat, it doesn’t hurt to look presentable.

All of the shirts pictured here are from Old Navy and range from $10-25, making them very affordable, cute, work from home outfit tops. They have a little more to them than just a t-shirt but lack a graphic design. This makes them very presentable and professional!

Mix and match. Feel free to layer with a cardigan and tank you already have to make this outfit totally you!

And the nails!:

And of course, there’s always a chance your hands will show on camera. Keep your nails looking kept up with professional shades like Spiaggia Rosa Breathable Nail Polish for a light tone or Yosemite Breathable Nail Polish for a darker tone.

halal nail polish by mersi cosmetics

Bottom Half of the Work from Home outfit:

My personal go-to for bottoms are joggers. Joggers can be dressed up or dressed down. They feel like pajamas but can almost pass for dress pants if you get the right material. It isn’t super likely you’ll have to stand up on camera, so it’s important your pants are comfortable for sitting all day.

The Departure Jogger Pants pictured here (right) are from Eddie Bauer and come in Black, Thyme, and Dusted Indigo. They are lightweight and moisture-wicking which is super important for staying cool in the summer heat! The Tortuga Olive Radiant Joggers (left) are from Athleta and look more like dress pants than joggers. They’re made for commuting, work, and business travel, but have the feel of joggers. There’s a good chance you could make either of these pairs of pants work for going back to the office!

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