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Mascara 101: The Key To Longer Lashes

Mascara 101: The Key To Longer Lashes - Mersi Cosmetics

With quarantine coming to an end, it has come time to start getting ready for the day again. This means getting your eyelashes ready to be seen! Mascara and false lashes are great ways to highlight your eyes, but it can get tiring applying falsies on a daily basis. So, you might as well start at the root of the problem – breakage! There are so many over the counter remedies that have been shown to help with eyelash growth. Once your lashes are longer and fuller naturally, a quick swipe of mascara takes no time. A little treatment can go a long way to make your eyelashes look amazing!

Olive, Castor, Coconut oil, oh my!

There are plenty of cheap natural options to try that have been known to help increase eyelash growth. This includes applying various different kinds of oils directly onto your lashes.

How can something you use to cook make your eyelashes stronger? Olive oil is known for its moisturizing properties and its antioxidant properties. When your eyelashes are moisturized, they’re less brittle and more likely to grow.

A study has shown that coconut oil is useful in helping damage prevention to various hair types by preventing protein loss with washes! Coconut oil is super easy to apply – it can be done using spoolies like the ones linked below or by just pouring a little onto your fingertips and rubbing it onto your eyes.

Castor oil. Once again, one of the keys to growth with castor oil is moisture and conditioning. While it takes time to promote eyelash growth, many people positively review it and see changes within a month. It can be used on your eyebrows too. Castor oil is affordable and cruelty-free, which are two things we love here at Mersi Cosmetics!





These oils may come in various brands and types, but its best to stick with cold-pressed oil. This means it has likely been processed less than other similar oils.

The easiest way to apply these products is through disposable spoolies. To be more eco-friendly, get a small bottle with a built-in spoolie to store the oil, make it transportable, and it makes it super easy to apply! It is beneficial to apply the oil to your lashes at night before bed and then rinse them off when you wash your face in the morning.

Mascara brush… minus the mascara!

While there isn’t science behind this method, it’s like brushing your hair. When your hair is combed and taken care of, it looks shinier and healthier. When your eyelashes are brushed, they look fuller and potentially even longer because they’re sitting correctly.

Lash Boosting Mascara

This minimizes the steps you have to take every day but may increase your cost. Lash Boosting Mascaras have a 2-in-1 formula that moisturizes your eyelashes while also tinting them and giving them the dark, full, long look. The moisturizing aspect helps with lash growth over time!


While mascara is an important factor in emphasizing your lashes, a great remedy to make them look sexier is helping them grow! Your eyelashes grow best when you moisturize, condition, and take care of them. Try some of these natural solutions to do just that!

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