Why Should Everyone Switch to Vegan Cosmetics?

Much like the word halal, vegan is typically associated with food, but it actually refers to the way products are made!

Vegan cosmetics save lives.

For many mainstream products, there is an issue with the animals are treated. Vegan products are produced in a way that avoids harming animals; they are cruelty-free, they don't contain any animal ingredients, byproducts, or animal-derived products. By using vegan products, you're avoiding products that have been tested on animals and therefore helping to save the lives of these animals!

In addition to saving animals, vegan products help the environment by using ingredients that are sustainably sourced. In doing so, even more animal lives are saved because their homes in the environment remain safe. 

Vegan products avoid questionable ingredients

Why use products that are full of preservatives, chemicals, and toxins that are synthetic and processed when there is a healthier, more natural alternative? Being vegan with your products means that you are avoiding dead animal byproducts! Your body processes natural ingredients better than synthetic ones. When I say synthetic, I mean all of those ingredients that you can't even read on the label!

Vegan beauty products are better for you because they have less ingredients in them. The less ingredients - especially less artificial ingredients - the better. It leads to less breakouts. Because of this, vegan products are better suited for sensitive or condition-prone skin. In contrast, animal products can be harsh and clog pores.

Along with having less ingredients, the few ingredients the products do have are of higher quality. This is so, so, so important because when we apply a product to our skin, it gets absorbed straight into the blood stream, unfiltered. So, we don't want to be using junk on our skin. Non-vegan products are often harsh and contain chemicals that can speed up the aging process. Yuck!

Plant products are better for you than animal products

Plant-derived alternatives found in vegan products tend to contain more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help repair and hydrate the skin. Some examples of these great ingredients include Vitamins A, C, and E, and other natural oils! This is another reason vegan products can lead to less breakouts and actually make your skin flourish.

You don't have to break the bank

Veganism is becoming more and more popular in the beauty department; there are many affordable options that are now available and easily accessible. Options are also expanding, so you can figure out which products work best for you at an affordable cost.

Just remember, if you don't know how to pronounce it, you probably shouldn't be putting it in or on your body!

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