10 Reasons to Switch to Water Permeable Nail Polish

10 Reasons to Switch to Water Permeable Nail Polish - Mersi Cosmetics


Nail paints are an integral part of cosmetics that women like to wear. They are a great way to decorate your nails and keep up with the fashion trends. Multiple nail polish colors in the market perfectly blend with your dress's color. However, typical nail polish is full of toxic chemicals that can harm your nails and weaken them. 

The continuous use of traditional nail polishes can lead to several nail issues. They can cause thinning of the enamel and dehydration and lead to brittle, cracked, and chipped nails. That's where a water permeable nail polish helps you. 

There are so many compelling benefits of water permeable nail polish that you may not know. If this is the case, don't worry. This article will unveil all the exciting information about water permeable nail polishes and why you should use them. So, let's dig further!

What does Water-Permeable Nail Polish Mean?

palestine halal nail polish

Water-permeable nail polishes represent a type of nail polishes that allows water and oxygen to pass through the layers and reach the nails. They are made of a different formula compared to traditional nail polishes. Water and oxygen particles can travel through this unique formula. 

This is a two-way process. Water and oxygen do not reach the nails but can be reversed. Understand it as a gateway opened only for water and oxygen. You can understand this by imagining you have VIP access to some party. Not everybody has that pass. Only you can go to the party and come back. Here, you are water or oxygen, if we may say. And the party you are going to is the Nails. 

What's the Difference between Traditional & Water-Permeable Nail Polish?

You might be wondering how traditional nail paints are different from halal nail polishes? We have summarized the key points of differences between the two to help you understand both. Get along with us to know the difference between the two.

Difference in Composition 

Halal nail polish comes in the shape of an open lacquer. It is based on a chemical formula containing a thermoplastic polymer that combines with various auxiliaries and chemical processes. The color contains small pathways that let water particles penetrate and rest on the nail belt.

It's because amorphous zones are created in the paint by thermoplastic polymers. Polyolefin plastomer (POP), for example, is a polymer composed of molecular linkages between l-Bute and 1-octane. This polymer is used to create breathability in plastic containers.

Polyethylene (PE) aids POP by distributing the molecular weight across the chain, preventing the holes from pushing together. Chemists can use other polymers and auxiliaries to create amorphous regions.

In contrast to permeable nail polish, conventional nail varnish is full of crystalline polymers. These polymers form solid layers making water particles unable to permeate.

Molecular Arrangement

The primary difference between traditional nail paints and water-permeable paints is the arrangement of the molecules. In traditional nail polishes, the molecules are packed very closely together, leaving little room for any molecular particles to get through. 

In contrast, water permeable nail polishes are made with loosely packed molecules that scientifically prove that water and oxygen polishes can travel through the varnish and reach your nails. 

10 Reasons to Switch to Water Permeable Nail Polish

  • Healthier for Your Nails

You might have heard that you should let your nails "breathe" or take a natural vacation between manicures. However, using these water-permeable paints may make your nails more hydrated and nourished, even with the product on top. You can style your nails without the fear of damaging them. 

The water permeable coating of these nail polishes prevents your natural oils from trapping inside. It rather allows them to move freely and keep their nails nourished. This is something that traditional nail polishes lack which makes them harmful to your nails. These nail paints help nails retain their natural structure and integrity. The nails appear to be naturally groomed. It also helps you in getting rid of chipping and peeling.

  • Free of Toxic Chemicals 

Unfortunately, all polishes contain chemicals, some of which are more harmful than others. While 5-, 7-, and 9-Free lacquers and polishes are typically considered the most "safe" and non-toxic, breathable polishes contain fewer harmful chemicals than their more-traditional counterparts. 

Toxic chemicals are replaced with natural elements to give you more strength and breathable nails. As a result, you may say goodbye to brittle and discolored nails and welcome hydrated nails. You can avoid the following toxic chemicals by using water-permeable nail polish. 

  • Toluene
  • Parabens
  • Formaldehyde resin
  • Fragrances
  • Camphor
  • Xylene
  • DBP
  • It Dries Faster

Sitting long and waiting for the nail polish to dry is challenging for some. You must make sure that you do not smudge the color before it dries. For this, you avoid holding things or doing anything with your hands. This can be frustrating for people having a packed schedule. 

Water permeable nail enamels can be a lifesaver in such a situation. It allows oxygen molecules to penetrate through the coating. As oxygen can permeate through the lacquer while it dries, you should expect a quicker drying period for your nails. It is the best option for working ladies who want a quick solution for their nails. 

  • Long Lasting Manicures

Breathable or water permeable nail polish may last longer than conventional polish. You may wonder, How? The oils that accumulate beneath typical polishes might produce chips as the polish will not effectively bind with the oils. This is why professionals advise washing your nails with alcohol before painting.

However, breathable polish allows your nails' natural oils to travel through and eventually to your nails, making your manicure more resilient and long-lasting.

  • Beautiful Nails

Your nails' natural oils keep them nourished. The natural oils in your nails are trapped when you apply ordinary nail paint. To address this issue, breathable nail paints come to the rescue, enabling natural oils to circulate. As a result, your nails will be shiny, strong, and gorgeous.

Additionally, you can find all the vibrant colors available in water permeable nail polishes. Style your nails as you want using the lively color nail paints. 

  • Easy Application

These breathable nail paints are simple to apply and rarely require foundation coats to the nail bed. They produce more excellent outcomes with water and air penetration than those that use the standard approach of nail care.

  • Easy Removal

If you avoid nail polishes because of the time spent applying and removing them, then water-permeable nail polishes are for you. Since they do not need a lot of layering, they are easy to take off whenever you want. You neither need to spend hours at a salon nor need a high chemical nail paint remover for these nail paints.

All you have to do is use any good-quality nail paint remover. Use a cotton ball to apply it to your painted nails. The nail color will quickly come off. 

  • Can Prevent Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a common nail condition that causes the nails to thicken and become brittle. One of the reasons leading to this condition includes the trapping of fungus inside the nails that causes and spreads the infection. It not only deforms the nails but can cause pain and an unpleasant odor. 

Traditional nail paints can increase the risk of the spread of infection in the nails. Breathable nail polishes can be a good option to avoid this condition. Since it allows oxygen to pass through the nails, the risk of trapping the fungus significantly decreases. 

  • Finest Quality

Why do women prefer to go to the salon to get their nails done? They want their nails to look flawless. You hardly get that look at home; however, professional manicures are expensive. It is difficult for many women to visit a salon frequently. 

Water permeable nail polishes offer the best value against their cost. Since it comprises chemical-free nourishing ingredients, you can get salon-like nails at home. The best part is the cost efficiency. They do not burden your pocket excessively and help you keep up with the latest nail color trends. 

  • Social Equality

Fashion is often criticized for dividing society, but it can be a source of promoting social equality. This is the idea that water permeable nail polishes promote. These are ideal for Muslims and other women who avoid nail paints for religious reasons. One of the most important religious obligations for a Muslim is to offer prayers five times a day. 

It requires wudu, or ablution, an act of washing the body beforehand. To do this exercise, one needs to clean the face, arms up to elbows, feet, lips, nose, and hands, including the nails. It is completely wudu-friendly and allows Muslim women to perform ablution (wudu) without removing it. 

How to Apply Water Permeable Nail Polish?

As mentioned earlier, water permeable nail polishes are quite easy to apply. Here is the simple process for applying these nail paints for a professional-looking fine touch. 

Experts suggest that you must prepare your nails before applying nail polish. It includes a little filing and buffing of nails to shape them properly. You can then cleanse them thoroughly to eliminate any risk of fungal infection. 

While applying these nail polishes, you will only need two coats. It will last longer on your nails. You can wear one coat if you do not want to wear it for long. Every breathable polish is usually applied the same way as a "regular" polish — make sure to follow manufacturer guidelines or recommendations. 

How to Remove Water Permeable Nail Polish 

If you are using water permeable nail polish, first, don't worry about Namaz. You can offer Namaz while wearing them. But if you want to remove it for any purpose, you can easily remove it, unlike the very alcoholic and full of toxic nail polish. They are hard to remove. So below are the given steps you can follow to remove the nail polish. 

  • Take any nail polish remover. You can use any sort. Readily available in markets. 
  • Remove the cap and hold the bottle securely in one hand.
  • Dip one finger from the opposite hand into the bottle at a time. Rub the nail's surface against a sponge.
  • Repeat the same with the other hand.
  • Dip a cotton bud into the bottle and use it as needed for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Wash your hands afterwards to remove any remaining polish remover.

You can then reapply any other shade of the nail paint according to the easy procedure mentioned earlier. The easy application and removal make it an ideal choice among nail polishes. 

Tips for Using Water Permeable Nail Polish

Here are some tips before applying the halal water-permeable nail polish. They will help you get the perfect shiny finish that beats any expensive professional manicure.

  • Use no more than two coats of nail paint. 
  • Make sure that each coat you apply is light and thin. 
  • When performing your ablution, make sure to rub your nails properly. The longer you wash your hands. The more water can travel through, for complete assurance, we recommend 30 seconds for each nail. 
  • As a precaution, if you have applied more than two layers of polish, we strongly advise you to remove it before ablution. Using any simple, on-the-go remover, you can withdraw your polish without carrying cotton wool. 

Final Thoughts 

Water permeable nail polish is a game changer for Muslims and all other women. It saves time and cost and prevents your nails from getting damaged due to harsh chemicals. It has all the compelling features that you look for in any top-quality nail varnish. If you want to keep up with your fashionable nail look without harming your nails, it’s time to switch to water permeable nail paints. 

Before deciding on a brand, thoroughly examine its characteristics and ingredients to ensure that you select the right one that suits your nails. 


What is water permeable nail polish?

A water permeable nail polish allows water and oxygen to pass through the nail paint to touch the nail. It means that the molecular arrangement in such nail polishes creates tiny spaces to allow some particles to pass through the coating.

Do the nails need to breathe?

No, scientifically, nails take all their intake from the bloodstream. But it is best to let the nails have oxygen to nurture them.

Can Muslims offer Namaz while wearing water permeable nail polish?

Yes, Muslim women can offer Namaz while wearing water permeable nail polishes. They fulfil the two conditions required for halal nail polishes. These conditions are that it must be free of prohibited substances and allow water to reach the nail beds for good wudu.

How many coats will allow the water permeability?

We recommend using no more than two thin layers of nail paint to ensure water permeability. One-color coat plus one top coat is acceptable, as are two color coats.

Are water permeable nail polishes reliable?

Yes, water permeable nail polishes are reliable. You can keep them on your nails for as long as you want. They do not come off with water, as many people doubt. You have to remove them to make them come out of your nails.

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