Trending Nail Shapes of 2022

Trending Nail Shapes of 2022 - Mersi Cosmetics

All humans have different perspectives and likings, and the world is incomplete without multiple points of view. Fashion and beauty are the core ingredients to showcase one's nature and personality. It not only enhances style but also introduces one's character to the world.

An essential part of beauty is 'Nail Shaping.' It means how you maintain your nails and describes much about your nature. If well maintained, it shows how careful you are about yourself and your hygiene, and if not maintained, it may give an impression that you aren't well aware of yourself.

One of the reasons for the ill management of nails is that people don't know how to shape them. And most people shape them traditionally, making the nails look outdated and old-fashioned. So today, let's discuss the trending nail shapes of 2022, which can make you stand apart from the crowd!

Short Square Cut - Keeping it Simple! 

Though Coffin Nails are trending, but not any more than short nails. To get this shape, you need a unique square cut and then add metallic color to enhance the look further. This will look gorgeous even at casual events and give an impression of a sweet lifestyle.

The square-cut shape comes in different sizes, and almost all of them look great. Depending on your nail size, you can either opt for short-square, square, or XL square.

Ballerina Nails 

You must know about ballerinas and their fantastic dance form. These nails are not the same as the ballerinas, but they sure will make you want to dance. Ballerina nails and coffin nails are somewhat the same, but the difference is that they are round with square tips at the end, while coffin nails are straight.

This shape is great for your short nails and will make your hands look cuter and friendlier. So, if you are looking forward to attending a formal event or just a simple friends gathering, these nails can definitely help you through.

Oval Nail Shape 

This is another cool nail shape that makes the nails look elegant. The oval nail shape is usually for adult gatherings as it gives you a modern yet mature look. However, if you choose a vibrant nail paint with this shape, you can also go to a party or a casual lunch with friends. 

Jelly Nails - Enjoy Your Childhood Vibes 

Jelly Nails can bring back your inner child. Just as you loved the jelly, you will love this nail shape. This style makes your nails look alive and cheery. Moreover, they not only make you look fresh but also act as a means of enjoyment for you.

Plus, it is a great shape and style for short nails 2022. So if you don't want to take care of super-long nails, then the next time you go for a manicure, get this jelly nail look!

Squoval Nails – Combo of Square & Oval

Squoval nails are very common. However, people are unaware of its name. This nail cut is a mixture of square and oval shapes. It is somewhat similar to the round, square shape too. In that shape, you round the corners, but in this one, you square your nail and add an oval shape to it to make it Squoval. This is another good option if you have shorter nails and want something that will be easy-going.

Edge Cut

An edge cut is something that you can call similar to a sword. It looks exquisite and eye-catching when you have well-maintained nails. They are best suitable with pink or blue shades and for formal as well as casual meetings.

Almond Cut for Short Nails

If you have super short nails, Almond Cut is going to be the right style for you. This shape looks cute on hands, especially when looking for something casual. You can do your daily routine tasks, go to your office or college, and do all the stuff that you usually do.

You can apply bright and colorful nail paints to give this almond style cut a party look. Then, simply use nude-colored tones to attend your office or school. There are many colors available in halal polishes available too. You can find them and apply those nail paints if you're a Muslim and don't want to hurt your day-to-day routine.

Round Square Nails 

Another nail cut that looks gorgeous for short nails in 2022 is the round square cut. Simple square nails have been common for many years now. People go for these when they are preparing for a formal function. However, if you're looking to get a cute and funky look, these Round Square Nails will be a great choice. 

You can opt for different fun nail paint styles to make your hands look cuter. Plus, this style is easy to carry too. So, if you have a school tomorrow or need to be at a friend's birthday, this funky style will give you confidence and quirkiness.

No matter if it is a formal event or a casual one, there are a ton of options to choose from. Many of them are described above. You can select any of these styles to make a statement. We have tried our best to share the most trending short nail shapes 2022. With these ideas, your nails will definitely look eye-catching and glamorous, even if they're short. So, don’t wait any longer and give a new look to your hands now!




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