Nail Care for Beginners - Keep Your Nails Healthy!

Nail Care for Beginners - Keep Your Nails Healthy! - Mersi Cosmetics

Imagine wearing the most expensive dress that you could find in the store, with a beautiful face of makeup that is shining and making everyone's day better. But, your nails are chipped and not well done. How would you feel? A lot of people do not pay heed to it, ignoring the fact that taking care of your nails is an important part of your hygiene and overall look.

Many are still unaware of how to take care of their nails. However, if you want to start this and make your nails look pretty as much as you do, it's never too late. This is why this article will put a glimpse at nail care for beginners. 


Start with Proper Cleaning 

You will get to the nail filing and the fancy parts later. The first thing you need to do to take care of your nails is to keep them clean. Even if you do not follow all the steps in this guide, make sure you keep your nails clean, as it makes a lot of difference.

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Cut Them Down 

The last thing you want to do with your nails is keeping them in a weird shape that is too long or too short. See how long you can keep your nails as it is not merely the length of the nails. Every once in a while, soak your hands in a hot tub of water and let them soak with any scrub or cream that you have so that your nails become soft. One can follow this routine at the start of nail care to get soft, smooth, and clean nails.

Make them look better in the way they are shaped and kept. Find out which shape suits them best, and file the nails into that shape. If it’s difficult to do it on your own, hop onto YouTube and watch a few videos before jumping the gun. 


Moisturize Your Nail 

A lot of people do not have an idea that the nails also need a lot of moisture so that they can stay healthy. To do this, use a normal moisturizer on your hands and apply a bit extra to make sure that it is absorbed in the corners of the nails. However, if you want to take another step in this regard, get your hands on nail oil to give the nails some extra care. Just before you are going to paint your nails, apply a layer of nail oil and let it sit for a few minutes. 


Time to Get Creative

The next step in this beginner nail care routine is to paint the nails so that they can look beautiful. However, before proceeding, make sure that you remove the moisturizer or nail oil applied to the nails. It seems counterproductive, but the nails will absorb the moisture they need, and the residue is not of any benefit. On top of this, if you have a lot of moisturizer on the nails, it will not let the paint adhere to the nails, and the nail paint will chip within a few days.

Therefore use a napkin to wipe off the excess moisture from the nails and then begin the painting process. After that, apply thin layers of nail paint on your nails and make sure that the paint is applied evenly for better results. 


Tips and Tricks to Follow 

The steps that we have mentioned above are just basic nail care procedures that you can follow at home. However, if you want to take your nail care routine to another level, here are some tips and tricks that can help you out.


Take Supplements

Some supplements can help increase the health of the nails and hair. However, do not buy supplements on your own without any prior research. Visit a doctor, and make them know that you want to take something for the health of the hair or nail, then make sure to take the supplements regularly for better results. On top of this, adhere to a healthy diet too.


Go for Manicures

You can take care of the nails all you want, but nothing beats a good manicure from the salon. Therefore when you have time and money to get a manicure, invest in your nails. These manicures will last a lot longer and will be good for the nail health in the long run. It may cost a bit more to get them done regularly, but if you can afford it, you should not ignore your nails and get a manicure done at least every other month.


Don't Bite Your Nails

We all have been in certain nail-biting circumstances where we just want to bite our nails off. This practice is extremely unhealthy for the nails. Therefore, if you are among people who bite their nails, be very conscious of this habit and stop yourself from doing it now.


Meet with a Dermatologist

If you think that you have a nail-related problem, the nails are not looking as healthy as they should, after all, this care. You should visit the dermatologist and ask for their expert opinion. The doctor will most probably prescribe an ointment for the nails or maybe some supplements that you can take to elevate the health of the fingernails. 



Taking extra care of the nails is very important. It is because one can look all pretty and nice, but if the nails are not well-maintained, it will make the look incomplete. Therefore, as a beginner, one should learn a few steps that would help him take care of his nails. For example, make sure that they are clean at all times and take out time to clean them with a scrub. 

You can also use a moisturizing cream to keep the nails moisturized so that they do not look dry and patchy. Finally, with the help of a dermatologist or a doctor, get your hands on some supplements such as biotin that can help you improve the health of your fingernails and toenails.


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