What is Halal Nail Polish?

What is Halal Nail Polish? - Mersi Cosmetics

When you think about nail polish, the first thing that comes to your mind is colorful shades. However, have you ever thought about what's inside those bright shades? Is it breathable? Knowing what you apply to your skin or body is as important as what you put inside your body. 

Typical, nail polishes have porosity (oxygen and moisture) that damages your nails. It doesn't allow air and water to pass through. That's why people are demanding breathable/halal and sophisticated skin care products. 

The Arabic word "halal" translates to "permissible" by Islamic Law. It's contrasted by "haram," which describes anything unlawful in accordance with Islamic law. Any product that doesn't involve porcine, animal meat, or alcohol is halal. Halal products are the best for keeping your nails and body aesthetically beautiful.

Are All Beauty Products Halal?

No, most beauty products on the market by mainstream brands are not halal. In the past, there was no concept of halal products due to the lack of awareness. Most cosmetic or beauty products contained pork meat and meat of animals slaughtered improperly. 

However, there has been a quick surge of halal products in recent years. According to a study, the halal cosmetic business is worth over $560 million globally, which is enormous. This is because people are rapidly buying things that don't involve non-vegan or alcoholic material. In order for a product to be considered halal, it must be manufactured, produced, and composed of ingredients permissible by Islamic law. 

So, products containing animal byproducts or forbidden ingredients such as alcohol are considered haram. Halal products have made life easy for everyone, specifically Muslim women. Now, they can perform their religious duties without worrying that maybe the nail paint they've put on isn't halal. 

What Makes Nail Polish Prohibited In Islam?

Typical nail polish made by mainstream brands often contains prohibited ingredients such as alcohol and animal byproducts. This isn't the only reason Muslim women usually avoid them. When applied, mainstream nail polish also creates an impermeable layer, blocking water from getting to the nail bed. 

Although this doesn't make mainstream nail polish haram (Unlawful in accordance with Islamic law), it does cause a considerable inconvenience to practicing Muslims. Why? Muslims pray five times a day. Before performing prayers, a cleansing ritual (Ablution/Wudu) is required in Islam. Wudu/Ablution is a process where the entire body is cleansed, including the nails. 

The impermeable layer over the nail bed created by typical nail polish acts as a barrier to water. This does not allow nails to be cleansed during Ablution. So, if a practicing Muslim wanted to wear nail polish, they would need to remove it and reapply it after each prayer. It sounds like quite the inconvenience, right? 

That's why nail paints are prohibited in Islam. However, now there are multiple halal cosmetic products available. You can get a halal/water permeability nail paint that doesn't require you to remove it every time you offer prayer.


What Makes Nail Polish Halal?

Halal nail polish is manufactured and produced in accordance with Islamic law. It does not contain animal byproducts or prohibited ingredients. It has a unique breathable nail polish formula. Here is a list of ingredients that are typically used to manufacture halal nail polishes:

  • Mica: a naturally occurring synthetic crystal that gives shiny texture to nail paints.
  • Dyes and Pigments: they can be extracted from flowers or plants and give nail paints varying colors.
  • Plasticizers: triphenyl phosphate, Camphor, etc., are used to add glitter touch to your nails.
  • UV Stabilizer: benzenophone prevents any chemical degradation and keeps your nails protected.
  • Solvents: ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, etc., are the most common solvents in nail paints. These are used to mix all ingredients evenly. They evaporate off once the nail paint dries.
  • Resins: nitrocellulose or polymer are the most commonly used resins. They give adhesion, glow, and gloss to the nail paint. 

This formula is what differentiates it from mainstream nail polish. All the ingredients used in this are halal and don't involve any meat or alcoholic substance. It also allows water and oxygen to permeate through it. The breathability aspect of halal nail polish makes it possible to perform Ablution or Wudu with nail polish on, providing a long-overdue solution to Muslim women.

Can You Pray With Halal Nail Polish?

Yes, halal nail polish can be used during Ablution. However, keeping your hands and nails under water for a few seconds is good as water takes time to reach the nail bed. Also, we recommend using up to two thin coats to maximize permeability. Ensure to rub each nail at least once under running water during Ablution. The amount of time you rub does not matter as long as you thoroughly rub each nail. 

Difference Between Vegan Nail Polish & Halal Nail Polish

People usually think that if a product is vegan, it must be halal. That's not true. There's a fragile line present between halal and vegan products. Something can be vegan but not halal. So how to find the difference between Vegan and halal nail polish? Vegan nail polish is free of animal byproducts but may still contain prohibited ingredients such as alcohol. 

However, halal nail polishes are free from prohibited alcohol also. There are various things written on halal nail paints, such as alcohol-free, chemical-free, and completely vegan. So, don't forget to check out the ingredients written before buying any nail paint. This will help you purchase halal and vegan nail paint. Instead of ending up with only vegan nail paint.

Benefits Of Using Halal Nail Polish

Mainstream or typical nail polishes block oxygen and water movement through your nails. This causes your nails to become brittle and dry. However, halal nail polishes save you from this trouble. Besides being breathable, halal nail polishes offer many other benefits, such as:

1. Manicure Will Last Longer

Oily nails mean your nail polish will not stay or grip on your nails. This causes chipping on your fingers, and that can be pretty frustrating. That's where breathable or halal nail paint helps you. It has an extraordinarily longer gripping time on your nails. So, you can enjoy perfectly painted nails for more than a week, and your manicure stays intact. Also, no more chipping, sounds impressive, right?

2. Dries Quickly

Halal nail polishes dry quickly because they allow oxygen or air to pass through, shortening the drying period. Quick-drying means less waiting time, and less waiting time means no smudges at all. Hence, applying a double coat of paint does not need to make your nails look neater. This is another reason to bring breathable or halal nail polish to your cosmetics box. 

3. Free of Harsh Chemicals

Cosmetic products have a variety of toxic chemicals in them. Many people ignore this fact, but these chemicals are pretty dangerous. Their consistent application can change the natural appearance of your skin. However, there are halal and breathable nail paints and cosmetic products available today. These products benefit Muslims from a religious point of view and are also suitable for human skin. 

4. Huge Social Change

Nowadays, following fashion and new trends are becoming common. Typical/Mainstream cosmetic products didn't allow our Muslim audience to keep up with the modern trends. Muslims must perform Ablution five times a day, but the typical products have impermissible ingredients. These ingredients prevent water from cleansing the skin thoroughly. So, Muslims were unable to upgrade with fashion. 

However, halal products and nail paints have changed this thing entirely. Halal Nail paints are water permeable, so the water will reach the skin within seconds without disturbing the nail paint. Now, Muslim audiences can follow all the beauty and fashion while performing religious rituals. 

Why Should You Prefer Halal Nail Polish Over Traditional Ones?

Traditional nail polishes wrap dozens of toxic chemicals in their packaging. These chemicals can cause serious health issues such as irritation, skin problems, etc. Here is the detail of the side effects caused by these toxic chemicals and why you should go for halal products.

Toulene is usually used to give a glossy touch to the nail paint. However, it is a very toxic chemical that is used in gasoline. It slowly destroys the central nervous system. Allergy and irritation are everyday problems after applying Toulene solvent nail polish. 

Formaldehyde is a hazardous carcinogenic substance in nail polish as a hardening agent. It is also used as a disinfectant to clean and sterilize manicure tools.

Dibutyl Phthalate is another toxic chemical that is present in traditional nail paint. It doesn't matter what role it plays in nail paint; it has various adverse effects. It damages your reproductive part and irritates. 

Halal products and nail paints are way better and health-friendly. All these toxic chemicals aren't present in halal nail paints. This means you can follow the fashion products without worrying about the damage they can cause. There are various "free" halal nail polishes available in the market. The free indicates that the product is free of certain toxic solvents or chemicals. 

What Are 3, 5, 7, 11, Free In The Nail Polish Industry?

The free written on the halal products shows that they lack few toxic chemicals. Let's quickly look at various types of free nail paints and what they say.


The most commonly used type of nail paint is the 3-free ones. The nail paint or cosmetic product is free of three major toxic chemicals. These include Toulene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate. 


5- free nail polish indicates that it doesn't contain any harmful ingredients that can harm your nails. Besides the three significant chemicals, this nail paint is free of formaldehyde resin and Camphor.

7- Free

When you buy 7-free nail polish, you are sure it is harmless. It doesn't contain any typical toxic ingredients like in traditional nail polishes. You will not even see xylene and tosylamide being part of it. 


It is one of the most healthy types of nail paints. If you've to pick any for yourself, 11 free is the best option. It doesn't include any typical toxic substance and their derivatives. So, your nails remain safe and healthier.

How To Apply Halal Nail Polish?

Once you've selected the best halal nail paint for yourself, the next step is the correct application. You must have wondered why your nails look much neater after a manicure? It's because the nail technicians know how to care for your nails. 

They imply the proper nail polish applying techniques to make your nails look beautiful. However, you can't go for manicures all the time. So, follow these simple halal nail polish applying tips and enjoy the neat look.

Use File and Buff

Before starting the application process, ensure your nails are appropriately filed and buffed. If they are out of shape, first file them. For this purpose, move the filer carefully in one direction, from the corner towards the center. 

Don't rub your nails over it, as it can result in nail loss or damage. After that, buff your nails. Not buffing your nails properly may make your nails look rough and untidy. The nail buffers come with four sides, so which one to select? Start with the roughest side to get an even and smooth nail surface.

No Need For Base Coats

Halal nail paints give you this massive privilege of not applying base coats. The base coats are used under traditional nail polishes to enhance the gripping of nails. However, the halal nail paints firmly grip your oily nails without a base coat. They are also breathable, so you don't have to worry about nails drying quickly and breaking. 

Apply Nail Polish

Shake the nail paint bottle beforehand of the application process. This will mix the nail paint well, making bubbles that give an even neat nail coat. Open the breathable nail paint and take out the brush. Slightly tap the brush at the neck of the nail polish bottle to shake off the extra mixture. Now, carefully move the nail paint brush from the cuticle to the tip and the center of the nail. Follow this pattern one to two times, and your nails are ready. You don't have to apply multiple coats for a smooth look. As halal nail polish dries quickly, one accurate coat is perfect.

Rotate Your Non-Dominant Hand

Yes, we all know about the struggle of applying nail polish on the non-dominant hand. However, you can easily do it by following a simple tip. Don't rotate your nail paint brush while using; instead, keep turning your non-dominant hand unless you've perfectly painted nails. 

Is Mersi Cosmetics Nail Polish Halal? 

Yes, at Mersi, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy the simple joy of using nail polish. Our nail polish is Halal Certified by ISWA Halal certification department ensuring it was manufactured and produced under Islamic law. 

Our formula is 100% vegan and free of any prohibited ingredients. Our nail polish is made with a Breathable formula. Lab-tested and certified for water permeability. 

If you'd like to learn more about how Halal nail polish works, please visit "The Science."

Keep Up With The Trends

Halal nail polishes are becoming quite famous globally. This is due to their healthy nature and easy application. You may find different opinions about them, but don't worry. Go with any halal nail paint, break the barrier, keep up with the modern trends and gain your confidence back. 



Which nail polish is halal? 

The nail polishes that contain no alcoholic content or animal byproducts are halal.

Can Wudu be done with halal nail polish? 

Yes, the halal nail polishes are water permeable, allowing proper cleansing of your nails. So, you can perform wudu with Halal nail polish.

What is breathable nail polish? 

The breathable nail polish is another word for halal nail polishes. It allows oxygen to pass through the nail coat easily.

What is wudu-friendly nail polish? 

The wudu-friendly nail polishes permit the movement of water and oxygen through 1 to 2 layers of the polish.

Can I pray with nail polish on?

No. You need to perform Wudu for prayer, but the traditional nail polish has multiple toxic chemicals that don't let water and oxygen pass through it. However, if you use halal nail polishes, you can pray. 

Is peel-off nail polish Halal?

No. Not all peel-off nail polishes are halal. Some may contain a small quantity of alcohol or animal byproducts, making them impermissible.

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