Fall Makeup Ideas To Try This Season

Fall Makeup Ideas To Try This Season - Mersi Cosmetics

Autumn is just around the corner. It's time to say aloha to sweet summer and welcome the vibrant winter with warmth.

The joy of celebrating in winter is indescribable. Mixing beautiful colors in grey weather is an art, and we women are experts in this. 

It is said that the existence of a woman gives the universe its colors. But we, too, require expert advice from time to time, so here we are, advising you on the latest trends to try this fall because we want you to look your best.

10 Trendy Fall Makeup Ideas

Fall makeup is all about welcoming autumn with versatile looks. It allows you the creative freedom to add a simple to glamorous touch to your fall look. Looking for some fall makeup inspiration? Scroll down and choose your favorite ideas from our top picks. 

1. Nail it with your Nail Polish

To shake hands firmly with the season, making your hands look beautiful is also essential. With stunning autumnal hues, what better way to appreciate fall than on your nails? Have a stunning, deep espresso-colored manicure to get into the spirit of the season, just like coffee and fall go well together.

Amazing and beautiful, the color is perfect for fall. Use breathable or halal nail polish to keep your nails hydrated in the dry weather.

2. Glamor Gaze

Glancing into the gray shades, you’ll need some glamorous hues. The autumn leaves in the forest, surrounded by soaring pine trees, remind us of the green. Hence, why not choose green as the color for the eyes? Both fall and winter are great times to use the Smokey eye.

Wear a jewel-toned emerald green eyeshadow instead of the usual browns and grays for an eyeshadow color that will positively gleam against all skin tones. Find an eyeshadow palette with a variety of green shades so you can easily get this look.

3. Frosted Silver Wink

In the wink of an eye, it will be winter here, and you'll wonder what to do with your liner. But don't worry, you've got it for you. Put some sparkle into the ice season. The silver-winged liner look is ideal for this. 

Wearing silver gives your makeup look an entirely new aspect, whether you have a specific occasion to attend or are just feeling artistic. For a stunning cat eye and a frosty appearance, choose silver eyeliner from your favorite company, and finish with thick mascara and a wink with a blink.

4. Blowing the Blues

This fall, blue eyes will be the official cosmetics hue, whether it's in the form of blue-winged eyeliner, blue eyeshadow on the lids, in the inner corners of the eyes, or another variation of this trend. There will be various varieties in all the mind-blowing shades of blue.

5. Red Alert 

Wear red and rule the roads! The best fall makeup look that will last longer than any fashion trend. Red need not be a cherry-red hue to make you feel fabulous; it can be any shade that does. Excellent options include auburn, dark red, and even reddish red. Even better, you can combine some to create the perfect lip color for you! Redheads can never go wrong.

6. Blushing Burns  

The TikTok sunburn blush trend, which dominated this summer, is developing into deeper and darker hues for this fall. So, instead of pink and pestle, try terracotta, brick, and bronze instead of pink and pestle. 

Apply the blush all the way from the outer apples of your cheekbones to the under-eye crease to achieve this aesthetic. After that, mix it in with your brightening concealer. With this trend, the objective is to give a super-bright, new face while bringing out any drab or dark circles. 

Of course, you're free to apply any kind of blush, whether it's powder, cream, or gel. Cream or liquid blushes, meanwhile, are your best bet if you want to adhere to the clean-girl makeup look.

7. No-Makeup Look  

If you love the no-makeup look, here's some good news: this fall, minimal makeup will still be there. The motto of this trend is to appreciate your skin and keep things straight with sheer, light products. 

Using a moisturizer that keeps your skin dewy and supple is the key to achieving this aesthetic. After that, apply a light cosmetic product for your base, such as a skin tint, BB cream, sheer foundation, or concealer. Enjoy your naturally glam skin.

8. Graphic Liner

Leave an everlasting impression with this graphic liner. It has a very contemporary, even slightly futuristic, feel that is perfect for fall. This high-fashion style is actually not as difficult to pull off as you might think. All you need is a superb liquid liner and a little practice. The graphic liner is also being embraced by several celebrity-makeup artists.

9. Face Embellishment

Face decorations pay respect to Euphoria, the modern fascination with a culture that is credited with popularizing gemstone jewelry in the present. This trend serves as a major reminiscence to the year 2000 because Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani "truly made it a thing" at that time. This amusing flair is worn by almost all musicians and fashion celebrities, and it will become more common as winter approaches.

10. Bleached Brows  

The last beauty trend on our list is possibly the boldest of all: bleached brows. It seems like Kendall Jenner's polarizing Met Gala '22 moment will endure. To be honest, it can be terrifying to bleach your eyebrows. So, try using a skin-toned concealer to recreate this look. 

Apply it over the brow hairs to make them appear lighter or sparser overall. To ensure that the concealer won't move during the day, follow it with a setting powder. The essential thing to remember with this trend is that the eyebrows should be lighter, not invisible.

Fall Makeup - How to Prep your Skin?

Your skin needs some extra care during the fall and winter, especially if you want to put on some makeup in these seasons. For a smooth fall makeup look, you need to follow the following skin prep routine. It will ensure that your skin and makeup both look perfect and you do not compromise on your skincare for makeup. 

Use the Right Cleanser

Cleansing is a crucial step in your skincare routine. Make sure you do it right. To maintain healthy skin in autumn, you must take care of its pH. If you fail to maintain the right pH level of your skin, it either becomes too dry or prone to breakouts. 

To ensure good skin health, choose a cleanser with minimum to no sulfate. Sulfate can disrupt the natural composition of your skin. A sulfate-free cleanser will help you ensure clean and healthy skin. 

Generously Moisturize your Skin

The low humid fall season can make your skin excessively dry. You need to moisturize your skin so that it allows the makeup to sit well. Replace your light moisturizers with some heavier moisturizers that can prevent your skin from becoming dry. 

Don’t forget to consider your skin type before getting a heavy moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer that is non-greasy yet hydrating. You can find some good quality natural moisturizers with ingredients such as honey, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and rosehip oil. 

Apply Primer

Always apply primer before you put on any makeup product on your face. It plays a vital role in preparing your skin for a flawless base. It also extends the life of the makeup and helps it stay set. Apply a few drops of primer and spread it all over your face. 

Let the skin absorb it and leave it for a minute or two. It will help balance the texture of the skin, and you can instantly feel your skin more soft and smooth. You can then apply the next product to your face.

Take Care of your Cuticles

Include your nails and cuticles in your skincare routine. If you love to wear vibrant nail colors during fall and throughout the year, make sure your nails are well-prepared for it. Use cuticle oil daily before going to bed. 

It will make your nails healthy and shiny. As a result, you can have flawless nails. Along with cuticle oil, apply moisturizer on your hands and arms too. 

Fall Makeup Essentials

To pull off an amazing fall makeup look, you need some makeup products. Which foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer, and blush will help you get fall-ready? Here is a list of all the makeup essentials you need this season. 

Dewy Foundation

Missing the natural summer glow on your face? Don’t worry; a dewy foundation can bring it back. Since our skin becomes dry during fall, you need a dewy foundation more than a matte. It works well for a day as well as a night look. 

Prep your skin well and apply a layer of your foundation. It will help your skin feel and look hydrated and glowy. It might eliminate the need to put on a highlighter (save some dollars to treat yourself later!)

Moisturizing Lip Tint

The fall season brings chapped and dried lips. You need to keep them hydrated throughout the day to prevent them from drying. There can be nothing better than a moisturizing lip tint or a tinted lip balm. It serves your two needs. 

You can have your lips colored and moisturized at the same time. Nowadays, lip tints are available in a wide variety of shades. Choose a bunch of your favorite fall shades and complete your day-to-day makeup looks. 

Liquid Blush

The trendy liquid blush is perfect for the fall season. It looks better and stays longer on the skin as compared to the powder blush. Also, the powder blush can dry your skin if you have not moisturized it well. 

High-quality liquid blush is all your cheeks need during the fall. You may get a two-in-one tint that works for both your lips and cheek (Not to forget the added glow on your skin that looks absolutely amazing).

Neutral Eyeshadows 

Fall brings the time to try warm neutral shades on your eyes. Get a pallet with a mix of warm and nude shades. You can also blend different shades to create an attractive look. You can choose between powder and clay eyeshadows. Both look great and are easy to blend. 


A bronzer might be your best friend for your fall makeup looks. It enhances your natural features and adds dimension to your face. The key is to choose the right shade that suits your skin. It will also balance the glow and shine of your face. 

Warm Nail Polish Shades

Don’t forget your nails while getting products for your skin. Add some vibrant shades to your nail polish collection. It is better to choose from vegan nail polish since they contain nourishing ingredients for your nails. They will keep your nails healthy and nourished.

Red Lipstick

Your makeup products look incomplete without red lipstick. It is a go-to lipstick shade for all seasons, especially fall and winter. There is so much variety in different shades of red that each of them looks equally elegant. 


From vegan nail polish to bleached eyebrows, we have you covered with the newest styles to steal the show at every party and event in the wonderful upcoming season. So that you’ll look fabulous in the fall and make a lasting style statement. 

Don’t forget to take some extra care of your skin and pamper it well. Healthy skin must be your priority so that you can try different fall makeup ideas on it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are fall eyeshadow colors to try out?

The trendiest eye shadow colors to try out this fall include copper tones, bright red, bronze, blush pink, and soft green. You may also try espresso brown, pumpkin orange, and vivid purple to look absolutely amazing this fall. 

What is the no-makeup‌ look?

The no-makeup‌ look is a makeup trend that involves enhancing your natural facial features without overpowering them with makeup. The key elements of this makeup look include skin prep, contouring, and highlighting.

What is the ideal fall skincare routine?

The ideal fall skincare routine includes washing your face with a mild cleanser and moisturizing it. Prep your skin with a primer before applying makeup. Use sunscreen and exfoliate your skin once or twice a week with a mild scrub. 

Which fall makeup essentials should I have?

You should have a moisturizer, primer, dewy foundation, and liquid blush as fall makeup essentials. You also need an eyeshadow palette with warm shades. 

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