Must-Have Things In Your Halal Makeup Kit

Must-Have Things In Your Halal Makeup Kit - Mersi Cosmetics

The passion and fashion of applying and keeping makeup is not getting any old soon. Some may say makeup is just a part of your little happiness, but actually, for some people, this is a source of true intrinsic pleasure. However, Muslim women usually have a tough choice when choosing makeup. 

Traditional makeup products contain several ingredients prohibited in Islam. Although many love makeup, of course, faith comes first. Luckily, halal makeup has become a game-changer for Muslim girls. Now we have a vast variety of halal beauty products like vegan lipstick, breathable nail polish, even halal mascaras and so on to fulfill our needs. 

Just as women feel incomplete without makeup, makeup kits are also incomplete without a few essentials. So, we are here at your service. We will tell you the essential items that should be in your halal makeup kit.

What is a Halal Makeup Kit?

A halal makeup kit is simply a makeup kit consisting of halal makeup products. The Arabic word “halal” means permissible and halal makeup means the makeup products made up of ingredients permissible in Islam. It also takes into account the sourcing and manufacturing process. 

Your halal makeup kit includes everything you need to enhance your face's features, beauty, and glow. An ideal makeup kit consists of everything from skin prep and makeup products to tools. 

15 Must-Have Halal Makeup Kit Items

A makeup kit is more than a bottle of foundation, blush, powder,  and an eyeshadow palette. It includes several other items that seem ordinary but are of great use for your beauty routine. If you have been planning to make a halal makeup kit, here are all the items you must have in it. 

1. Moisturizer

More significant than the makeup itself is skin preparation. Isn’t it? We're not just saying this because correct skin preparation can help your skin over time; we're also saying it because makeup applies so well to a properly moisturized, hydrated surface. 

Choose a halal moisturizer from your favorite brand. Spend about 15 minutes on skincare before applying your primer and foundation. The plus point is that moisturizing will also create a barrier that will protect your skin between the cosmetics and your skin cells.

2. Face Primer

Face primers are a beauty essential that makes it simpler to apply your face makeup by helping you lay down a smooth, even foundation. Additionally, a primer will help your foundation stay longer and guarantee that all the cosmetics you use on top do not budge, smear, or fade. 

There are a variety of primers available for you to choose from, ranging from dewy primers that give your skin a natural-looking shine to color-correcting primers that reduce redness.

3. Foundation

It's time to apply foundation to get a beautiful, even complexion now that your canvas is prepared. As reflected in the name, it is the core of a stunning makeup look. A stable foundation will give you a firm base for your blush, contour, and highlight while also evening out your skin tone and hiding acne scars. 

Smoothly apply a halal foundation and mix it in to achieve a skin-like finish with medium-to-buildable coverage. You can use it for both a casual, everyday look and a full-coverage look.

4. Concealer

It may not always feel like it is a central element of your makeup, but girl, aren't you wrong? When you need to hide your pimples and dark bags beneath your eyes on days when your complexion needs a little more boost, an excellent concealer helps make you look awake, covers imperfections, and shapes your brows. 

Apply a dab beneath your eyes, in the center of your forehead, along the edge of your nose, around the chin, and anywhere else that you have dark spots on your skin. To properly define the cheekbones and prevent the contour from looking strong, some cosmetic artists advise adding a line of concealer right below the contour line on the cheeks.

5. Blush

For bringing color back to your face, blush seems to be important. The face may appear pale and unattractive after using your base products. Blush restores the shine to your cheeks. Your skin will appear glowing, and your complexion will be improved by applying blush on the apples of your cheeks.

There is so much variety when it comes to blush. It includes powder, liquid, and gel blush. All of them are easy to apply. You can choose any of them which suits you the best. 

6. Beauty Blender

A beauty blender has more uses than any other makeup brush. It is particularly good for applying blush, concealer, and base evenly. You can use it to smooth out the foundation on your skin to get a flawless look. Applying a little foundation on a damp sponge will help tame the excess blush hue.

Since you have to damp the beauty blender before using it, you must take good care of its cleanliness. Never put a damp beauty blender in a bag or box. Wash it after using and let it dry completely. Otherwise, you may face breakouts on your skin. 

7. Eye Shadow

An eyeshadow finish is essential for completing your makeup, giving your eyes depth, and boosting your charm. A decent eye shadow palette, probably more than anything else, is generally more of an investment item than lipstick or mascara.

Get yourself a halal eyeshadow palette with colors for all seasons and events. Play smart and opt for a palette with a mix of shimmery and matte shades. This palette will be your best friend to enhance your eyes. 

8. Eyebrow Pencil

Makeup application is a necessary step in creating any makeup appearance. An excellent approach to defining your features is to fill in your brows. This is a fantastic way to look more put together without exerting any effort. For a natural finish, always choose an eyebrow pencil that is one shade lighter than your natural brows. 

In addition to framing your face, well-groomed eyebrows have the power to make or break your makeup look. However, there is always the risk of overdoing it that can make the eyebrows look weird. Keep the right shade and remember, less is more when doing your eyebrows.

9. Mascara

Who doesn’t love mascara? The volume and shine it adds to your lashes looks absolutely amazing. Using mascara can instantly boost your appearance. Enhancing your lashes is the best technique to draw attention to those eyes. Use a halal mascara that is free from toxic ingredients. It will make your eyes look bigger while protecting them from any allergies or irritation. 

Applying a coat or two of your favorite mascara is the easiest way to widen the eyes and make them seem bigger. For the majority, black mascara works well, but if your lashes are light in color, you might want to consider choosing brown mascara for a more natural appearance.

10. Lipstick

Lipsticks are an essential part of any makeup bag. The lipstick works as a savior for days when you don't have time to do makeup but need to look presentable while leaving the house. Pick a lip color that may be worn during the day as well as at night. That lipstick will become your go-to color, one that you won't hesitate to use when you're pressed for time. 

Halal lipsticks maintain the same richness and sheen that instantly improves your appearance, whether they are matte, glossy, liquid, or stick.

11. Nail Polish

If you are a makeup enthusiast, nothing can freshen up your mood better than freshly painted nails. The makeup look is complemented with nail polish, which is also beneficial for your nails. For a halal makeup kit, breathable nail polish is the best. The ability of breathable nail lacquer to strengthen our nails has also shown some promise. 

As its name implies, breathable nail polish allows your nails to breathe. All nails can benefit from breathing nail paint because of its porous structure, which allows oxygen to pass through. A red and beige hue should always be in your possession because you never know when you'll need one.

12. Tinted Moisturizer

Have you heard about tinted moisturizer? It is an amazing two-in-one product that serves as a moisturizer and foundation both. If you are in a hurry or want a no-makeup look quickly, apply a small amount of tinted moisturizer on your face. It will leave your skin hydrated and even-toned within no time. 

Get a good quality halal tinted moisturizer and make it a part of your halal makeup kit. It is good for your day-to-day college and office look. 

13. Makeup Wipes

Sometimes, all you need at the end of an overwhelming day is a cup of coffee and a magic wand to get rid of your makeup. Standing in front of a mirror for a good 40-45 mins to remove the makeup seems like the biggest challenge. In such a situation, makeup wipes can be a lifesaver for you.  

Halal makeup wipes are good for removing all of your makeup anywhere and at any time. They are the easiest to use and remove even waterproof makeup from your skin. You can also use it to correct any imperfections in your makeup. 

Even professionals can make a blunder. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep a few different kinds of makeup removers on hand. You can use makeup remover wipes to fix smudged eyeliner or overdone lipstick. At times when you don't feel like taking off your makeup, they are helpful.

14. Halal Perfume

Your look is not complete without a gentle refreshing fragrance. Who doesn’t like to smell good throughout the day? A halal perfume or deodorant can make it happen without overpowering scents and harmful ingredients. 

Keep a mildly scented halal perfume in your makeup kit to leave a lasting impression on your presence. Halal perfumes are free from alcohol and prevent skin irritation usually caused by other perfumes. 

15. Vegan Makeup Brushes

You are all set with your halal makeup kit, and when you take out your brush to apply makeup, it is made of animal fur. This does not make sense. Halal or vegan makeup brushes are an important part of your halal makeup kit that many people forget. 

Vegan makeup brushes have synthetic hair and are, therefore, halal. They are soft and gentle on the skin and give the same results as a traditional brush. Use them to perfectly blend the foundation on your skin, apply eyeshadow or powder and achieve your makeup goals.

Tips for Choosing a Halal Makeup Kit

Halal makeup has been gaining massive popularity. If you also want to hop on the halal makeup kits trend, follow some tips. The following effective tips will help you choose the right products for your halal makeup kit. 

  • Check for the ingredients of the items. Make sure they do not contain ingredients derived from insects, animal flesh, or blood.
  • Check for ingredients derived from prohibited animals, such as pig fat, gelatin, or keratin. 
  • Choose cruelty-free and vegan products. Cruelty-free and vegan are two different characteristics. Not all vegan and cruelty-free products might be halal, but halal makeup products are cruelty-free and mostly vegan. 
  • Ensure that the product does not contain prohibited types of alcohol.
  • Buy halal-certified products. You can get halal-certified nail polish, lipstick, foundation, mascara, and other makeup items from trustworthy brands. The halal certification ensures that the product is sourced and manufactured through the right process. 

The Bottom-line

With all these must-have cosmetics in your good-to-go halal make-up kit, you can look stunning not only in daily life. But when you meet friends over iftar parties, you will amaze them with your gorgeous makeup. And even when you appear on wedding invites, you are going to steal the stage with your dapper appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes makeup halal?

Halal makeup does not contain animal-derived products and elements like alcohol. Halal makeup contains plant-based alternatives for these ingredients. They prevent your skin from the harmful impacts of harsh chemicals usually included in traditional makeup products. 

What ingredients are haram in cosmetics?

The ingredients commonly used in traditional cosmetics that make them haram include harmful chemicals and animal-derived ingredients. Some of these ingredients include carmine, glycerol, collagen, and lecithin. 

Are halal makeup products good for the skin?

Halal makeup products are free from harsh chemicals. Instead, they have plant-based alternative ingredients. They do not have negative effects on the skin and are good for it. However, if you are allergic to any ingredient in halal makeup products, you must avoid using it. 

What are the must-have items do to my own makeup?

The must-have cosmetic items to do your own makeup include a moisturizer, primer, foundation, lipstick, mascara, and liner. You may enhance your kit with concealer, face powder, highlighter, bronzer, and blush. 

What are the must-have tools in a makeup kit?

The must-have tools in a makeup kit include brushes, eyelash curler, tweezers, scissors, and eyeliner sticks. Other important items include Q-tips, paper towel, cotton pads, and dental floss.


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