Curl Care: Keeping Your Curls in Check

Curl Care: Keeping Your Curls in Check - Mersi Cosmetics

Summertime humidity and curls don't go hand in hand. Even if you don't normally have a routine for keeping them in check, now would be a great time to start. 

Care for curls starts before you shower. 

Step 1. Pre-Shower: Comb your hair

wide tooth comb for curl careIt's important to comb your hair from the bottom --> up with a wide tooth pick or comb so that you don't damage your hair. Hair gets stressed too if you don't treat it right! If it's too difficult to comb dry, move the process into the shower. You can wet your hair, but continue combing before adding in shampoo and condition. This prep work makes the world of difference post-shower!

Step 2. Lather, Rinse, and (optionally) repeat. 

Make sure to lather on a generous amount of shampoo and run your fingers through your hair to make sure its smooth! You'll definitely experience some shedding, but that's okay. On a daily basis, your curls tend to retain a lot of loose hairs, so you'll see them coming out now with the brushing. If you can't run your fingers through your hair, you'll need to bring in reinforcements. By this I mean you're going to need the comb again! This is important because you won't be brushing your hair after you shower. Once your free to run your fingers through your hair, wash out the shampoo and move on!

Step 3. Curl Care: Condition!

When I say be generous with the conditioner, I mean it! And be sure not to wash it out right away. Conditioner is important in moisturizing your curls and helping to prevent fragility. The moisture is also a key component in shaping your curls. It helps with the bounce! Make sure to get the underneath layer of hair while you're at it: don't forget the underside hair by your neck. Again, conditioning this will help with the shape of your curls and give your outer layer more volume. 

Now this part is important: DO NOT WASH OUT THE CONDITIONER YET. Go about the rest of your shower and then come back to it. The conditioner needs some time to set and moisturize your hair. At the very end of your shower, wash it out, run through your hair again with your fingers, and make sure its all out. Your hair should be silky smooth by now. 

Step 4. It's drying time

Wring out your hair with your hands. Then take either a microfiber towel or a cotton shirt (these materials help to prevent frizz and breakage) to wrap around your hair and remove some of the water. You can either leave it on your head for a little while, while you go about your day, or just use it to scrunch your hair dry.



Step 5. Use your fav hair care product

Put in whatever oil or cream you prefer. Run your fingers through your hair and then scrunch from bottom to top. Let it air dry and you're good to go!


Some highly recommended products and tips:

For in the shower care, Tresemme Flawless Curl Hydration shampoo and condition keeps hydration in mind, giving your hair a defined finish.

For post-shower care: As simple as it sounds, many girls with curls recommend baby oil. It works for lots of people to reduce frizz and keep the curls in check. If you're looking for something a little more professional, I've heard Kerastase Elixir Ultime works wonders. 

Last but not least, it is important to try not to wash your hair everyday. You can slowly train your hair to not have to be washed for multiple days. Curly hair tends to need more natural oil than it has, and washing it everyday removes the oil that is produced on a daily basis. 

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