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Why should you choose Mersi?

Halal nail polish is more than a trend, it’s a shift in the beauty industry. Consumers around the world asked for safer and more eco-friendly products that were made for everyone. Mersi answered the call by producing vegan and cruelty-free, Halal nail polish that doesn’t stand in the way of the traditions of your faith. But we are more than just amazing products, our customer service team delivers by treating all of our customers like family. We are dedicated to ensuring your happiness with your purchase.

Mersi is trending! You’ll see us featured in Vogue, Woman’s Weekly, InStyle, Yahoo, HalalZilla, Nailpro, and more! We're making noise. Want to hear from our customers? Here’s what people are saying:

“This brand of breathable polish goes on smooth and gets better coverage than other breathable polishes.”

“I love this polish. It is a great Quality….and BEST of all, it’s HALAL!!!”

“I’ve just made my second order. I’m absolutely obsessed. These polishes feel so lightweight and they get dry so quick!”

If you are interested in providing your customers with top quality vegan, breathable, halal nail polishes, fill out our partner application below. Our distribution team will review your application and get in touch with you.


There are two factors that make Mersi nail polish halal, and both are due to the unique formula it’s made with. Our nail polish is vegan, meaning it doesn’t contain animal by-products. It’s also breathable, which makes it water permeable.

Can I pray with halal nail polish?

Breathable nail polish is made with a unique formula that allows water and oxygen to permeate through it. This permeability makes it possible to perform Ablution/Wudu with it on. However, in order to ensure water touches the nail bed when performing Ablution, rubbing each nail under running water is required.


Is gel polish Halal?

No, typical nail polish tends to contain animal byproducts unless it's vegan. Typical nail polish is not breathable.


Is Mersi nail polish vegan?

Yes, we are strongly against the use of animal byproducts and animal testing within cosmetics. Every product made by Mersi is and always will be vegan and cruelty-free.


Is Mersi nail polish halal?

Yes, our nail polish is 100% vegan made in accordance with halal specifications. It's also made with a breathable formula that makes it water and oxygen permeable.

How do you use halal nail polish?

During application, we recommend a max of two thin layers of nail polish to maintain water permeability. When performing Ablution, rubbing each nail under running water thoroughly is required to ensure water touches the nail bed.