Trending Halal Nail Polish Colors for You to Try this Winter 2023

Trending Halal Nail Polish Colors for You to Try this Winter 2023 - Mersi Cosmetics

Cold winds and the chilly weather is here. That means it's time to give your nails the cold-weather makeover they deserve. Whether you're enjoying your hot cocoa by the fireplace or building a snowman in your backyard, your nails can be your canvas for winter magic.

Let's dive into the interesting world of halal nail polish shades for the coolest season of the year, and don't worry, we're going to make it fun!

Classic Reds: Reigning Supreme 

It wouldn't be winter without classic red nails. Picture this: you're wearing your coziest sweater, and your nails have a deep, rich red look that complements the holiday season perfectly. Nothing is going to top that. It’s no coincidence that this nail color made it to the top of our list.  

Plus, winter is all about Christmas and its preparations. What can be more appropriate than actually showing your enthusiasm with little Christmas's cheer at your fingertips?

Burgundy: Elegant and Fiery 

Burgundy is the unsung hero of winter nail colors. It is the fine wine of nails that just gets better with age. If you’re not in the mood for something fiery as red or something super calm as grey, burgundy halal nail color is your way to go!

This is a color that can be accommodated in all types of events. Whether you're at a formal winter soirée or just curling up with a good book, burgundy nails will keep you in vogue.

Deep Plums: The Mysterious Choice 

Winter nights can be enchanting, and your nails should be no different. Deep plum shades add a touch of mystery to your look. Then, who doesn’t like to give that mysterious yet intriguing vibe wherever they go? So, if you want to be the main character in your winter story and want to leave everyone intrigued and wanting more, deep plum nails are all you need! 

Forest Greens: Embracing Nature

Green is the most missed color in winter. The time when the trees are covered in snow and the grass is not visible anymore, green is all we want! So, embrace the beauty of nature this winter with lush forest green nails. Imagine gazing out at a snowy landscape while your nails echo the evergreen trees.

Green is not a type of color that everyone usually thinks about. If you want to be unique and give off a different vibe than everyone else around, this can definitely be your color. 

Winter Blues: Serenity in a Shade

Navy, slate, or baby blue – the blues are your go-to for winter tranquility. You will find the calmness of a frosty winter sky and the serenity of a quiet snowfall in this halal nail polish color. That’s also why blue nails can be your winter oasis, providing a sense of peace during this chilly season. 

Silver and Gold: Shine Bright like a Snowflake 

Let's be honest; winter isn't just about chilly weather. It's also party season! Silver and gold nail polishes can be the metallic stars of your winter outfits. If you want to make your nails twinkle like those lights around you in the holidays, there’s no better choice than going for this all-time color combo.

Icy Lavender: Chilled Elegance

When you want to combine sophistication with a touch of frost, icy lavender nails are the way to go. This shade captures the essence of a winter evening, where the sky turns various shades of purple as the sun sets. It's like wearing a subtle winter sunset on your nails.

Somehow winter draws us all nearer to nature. No matter what color we share with you, there’s a piece of nature in it anyway. Well, that’s the beauty of colors! 

Chocolatey Delights: Warmth in Every Brushstroke

Winter is the time for indulgence, and what's more indulgent than rich, chocolatey nail shades? Deep, warm brown hues with a cozy light colored sweater, a perfect look for a casual outing! So, if you want to be the one radiating warmth and coziness even on the chilliest days, chocolaty brown is your shade.

It doesn't only go with your cozy sweaters but you can also style these nails for an intimate evening party with a formal dress. They will give off a perfect formal look.

Velvet Plum: Regal and Luxurious

Velvet plum shades are fit for a queen, or in this case, a winter princess! This color reminds of those in royal robes who used to live in castles. In short, it exudes luxuriousness. Whether it is a casual lunch party or a fun outing with your friends, plum nails will help you ace your look.

Even if you’re not going anywhere and just in the mood of spreading some royalty around, well it can still be your go-to color. 

Frosted Rose: Subtle Romance

Ever heard of a winter blush? The frosted rose and soft pink shades are exactly what you might call a blush on your nails. They add a gentle and charming touch to your look, perfect for date nights or just when you want to feel a little extra special.

You can also consider this halal nail polish shade if you want a touch of romance in the midst of winter. It helps you add serenity and calm to your look and that is exactly what everyone is usually looking for in this chilly season.  

Mystic Teal: Oceanic Depth

This stunning shade is like a piece of the sea, captured on your nails. It brings a sense of intrigue and depth to your winter style, making your nails a conversation starter wherever you go.

Not too light, not too dark, just the perfect shade for you to begin this season standing right around the corner. It can also be helpful if you’re tired of using the usual colors all day everyday. This will not only be unique but will also be taking you out of your comfort zone, and that’s fun - always! 

Cool Grays: The Versatile Neutral

When you can't decide on a color, choose gray. It's an understated hue that can pair seamlessly with all your winter outfits. Sometimes people forget how versatile this halal nail polish can be. You can easily carry it with almost all of your winter fits. 

It can also be your daily go-to color as it can fit in every workspace. It doesn't matter if you have 9-5 office job or are still studying at college, nobody would mind you wearing such a cool shade in this cool weather. 

Winter Whites: Snowy Simplicity 

Sometimes, less is more, and white nails can do exactly that for you. They're as clean and crisp as freshly fallen snow, giving your nails a pristine look. You can also sprinkle a little shimmer or glitter on your nail polish to match it more with your vibe. You can also go with shades around white if you want to go for a muted look. 

Taupe and Mauve: Understated Elegance

For those who prefer subtlety over boldness, taupe and mauve are the winners. They bring a sense of understated elegance to your look, just like a silent snowfall, transforming the world into a serene wonderland.

They are two completely different shades but give off the same peaceful winter vibe. You can choose either of them if you’re looking for something more easy-to-go yet unique in its own way. 

Glitter and Shimmer: Sparkle in the Snow 

Winter is the season of celebration, and your nails should join the party. Add a touch of glitter or shimmer for a fun, festive vibe. It's like having confetti on your nails. 

There are multiple halal nail polish shades that come with the glittery touch in them. If not that, you can always buy transparent glitter or shimmer to add to your usual nail polish. 

Matte Finishes: Modern Chic

Matte nail polish is all the rage, and you can transform any of the shades mentioned above into a matte finish for a modern, chic look. It's like turning your nails into a fashionable statement, a touch of sophistication without the shine.

Matte works wonders when you’re looking for a silent yet bold look. These shades don’t shine but with them on your nails, your hands do! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What nail polish colors are trending 2023? 

The most trending nail colors 2023 are as:

  • Cherry Red
  • Neutral nail colors
  • Bright blue shades
  • White 
  • Black is back 

Is Nail Paint Haram in Islam? 

Yes, nail paint is haram in Islam. That means, you cannot do wudu while wearing it. It is because they add haram products and non-permissible substances. However, you can use nail polishes which are made of non-harmful products and are certified-halal. 

What is the most popular nail shape 2023? 

The most popular nail shape 2023 is short stiletto nails. People prefer them as they’re easy to carry and you can go anywhere and do everything with them. 

There you have it! The winter nail shades that will have you feeling frosty fabulous all season long. So, it’s time to go out, enjoy the chilly wind and shop for the shades you find most intriguing. Looking for a better option? Well, sit home curled up in your blanket and surf the web to find out the most affordable halal nail polish online and get them delivered by your doorstep.

Winter is not just about cold weather. It's about celebrating the beauty of the season. With these halal nail polish shades, you can embrace the chill with style and make a statement. 

Happy winter nail adventures, and may your nails be as cool as the season itself!

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