Nail Hacks No One Tells You About

Nail Hacks No One Tells You About - Mersi Cosmetics

Have you been wondering how people have such nice and shiny nails? And have been trying hard to achieve your nail goals, but all in vain? Well, nobody shares their secret sauce to perfect nails. Since no one is ready to shed light on this, we have your back. 

We have compiled a list of some of the most surprising, effective, and amazing nail hacks that nobody tells you. Let’s have an insight into the beans we have spilled about picture-perfect nails that leave everyone awestruck. 

12 Amazing Nail Hacks

Taking care of your manicured nails is challenging. And we all know that nothing hurts more than seeing your nails cracking, peeling, or breaking. The great news is that a few smart practices can save your day. Here is a list of some of the most effectively amazing nail hacks. 

1. No Hot Showers

If you have got your nails done, do not immediately put them in hot waters (pun intended). Hot water can expand nail paint. This forced expansion can cause the top coat to crack and break. To save money on manicures, ensure you give enough time to dry your nail paint. Do not soak them in hot water. You may use warm water for bathing or washing dishes. 

2. Don’t Shake Bottle

What is the first thing you do when you hold a nail polish bottle? Shake it up and down. It feels surprisingly satisfying to shake the nail paint. However, it is not right. It can make air bubbles in the nail paint that do not look good on nails. Instead of shaking, you can roll the bottle between your hands. 

Hold the bottle in your palms and gently roll it back and forth. It will stir the nail polish, so it comes out easily. You can have bubble-free, flawlessly painted nails.

3. Never Forget the Base Coat

For long-lasting manicures, the base coat is necessary. A few additional seconds spent applying the base coat are worth a couple of additional days your nail paint will last. The base coat acts as a shield against nail staining. Use a lighter shade such as white for the base coat. It will enhance the top coat’s color. 

4. File in One Direction

It might be surprising for you to know, but you might have been filling your nails wrong. Filling them in a back-and-forth direction may cause peeling and cracking. It also makes the tip rough and jagged. The right method is to apply gentle strokes in one direction for smooth, split-free nails. 

5. Nail Stickers are Life-Savers

If you are a fan of beautiful nail art, nail stickers can be a lifesaver for you. It can save you hundreds of dollars that you spend on professional nail artists. They are affordable and easy to use. Paste them on your nails and apply nail polish. Wait for a few seconds and remove the stencil carefully. You have your low-budget stunning nails at your home. 

6. Clear Tape for Flawless Design

An easy and cheap alternative to nail stickers is clear tape. Yes, the tape that lies in your drawer. Apply the base coat, and let it dry. Place the tape on dry nails. Apply nail paint. Remove the tape after a few seconds. You may apply it once again after the nail paint dries to enhance the design. And there you have your gorgeously painted nails without much hassle. 

7. Easy Marbled Nails

The marble effect looks absolutely amazing on nails and makes you want one for your nails, too (unless you are stunned by the skyrocketing prices). The great news is that you can get them easily at home. All you need is a cup of water and different nail polishes. 

Put a drop of nail paint in the cup filled with water. Add another color to the first one and keep repeating the drill until you have formed a nice pattern. Use a pointed object to swirl the colors together. Tie a tape around your finger beneath the nail and dip it into the water. 

Keep it there for a few seconds and take it out. You will be amazed by the beautiful pattern on your nails. Carefully remove the tape and any nail paint on the edges. You have your DIY marble nails at home. 

8. No Slip Grip

The slippery cap of the nail polish bottle is sometimes hard to hold. A small rubber band can solve the problem. It is not only effective for a firm grip but also helps loosen the lid when closed tightly. Tie a rubber band tightly around the lid. Now you can easily hold or twist to open it. 

9. Moisturize Daily

Your nails need hydration daily, just like your body. Use nail and cuticle oils every night. Even if you do not remove nail paint, make sure you keep them moisturized. Trust us; your nails will thank you. 

10. Apply Thin Coats

Applying layers after layers of nail paint will not make it last longer. Instead, it might appear coarse and bubbly. It is also more prone to peeling. So what to do? Apply your nail paint in thin layers. If you have good quality nail polish, two thin layers are enough.

Most vegan and breathable nail polishes only require two layers. It gives the perfect texture, color, and shine. What else would you need?

11. Try Press-on Nails

Press-on nails are quite trendy nowadays. You can use them to get the salon-like nail at home. As the name indicates, they are removable faux nails. You can easily put them on and off whenever wanted. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. You can buy them once and reuse them multiple times. 

You can also paint them with some other color according to your need. The secret tip is to place them carefully so that they look natural. They cost you a far lower price than a professional manicure with nearly the same results. 

12. Refresh the Top Coat

Don’t want to go to the salon every few days for a manicure? No problem. This simple trick is a lifesaver. Instead of getting the whole manicure, you can simply touch up the top coat (just like you do with the makeup). Applying a fresh base coat after a few days adds new shine to the nails. 

Long Nails Hacks

Let’s face it. Your stylish long acrylic or natural nails make many things difficult for you, whether it is picking up coins from a flat surface or taking out moisturizer from a jar. Having long nails and typing on a keyboard. The worst combination ever! It might even make you think for once about getting rid of your long nails. 

Here are some amazing long nail hacks that can really save your day (and nails, too!). 

Your Nails’ Shape Matters!

It might surprise you, but the shape of your nails is important, especially if you are facing difficulty doing some home chores like cleaning and washing. A square shape is ideal for women who like long nails. They do not need to be too long and, therefore, less likely to break. 

An oval shape goes well for almost every occasion. It also makes your fingers look leaner and longer. Besides these, almond, natural, and coffin shapes are also popular. 

Choose Your Length Wisely

Keeping long nails does not mean making trouble for yourself. If you want to keep your hands fully functional while slaying your long nails, select their length thoughtfully. If you use a laptop’s keyboard frequently, the medium length would be suitable for you. 

Short to medium length would be perfect for you if you are a high school or college student. Too long nails can make holding a pen and writing with it difficult for you. You can gradually increase the length as you become comfortable with it. 

Don’t Shy Away from Gloves.

Gloves can be your best friend if you have long nails. Do not shy away from wearing them while washing dishes or doing anything that involves prolonged exposure to water. They will prevent the nails from chipping. You can also preserve the shine and bright colors of the nail paint for a long. 

Long nails can be a major style statement for you, but they may make different tasks quite difficult to perform. There is no need to worry. These hacks can make your life so much easier with long nails. 

“Not To Try” Nail Hacks

Not every hack you get to know is going to work. So make sure you do not follow every other hack blindly. To save your nails from failed hacks, have a look at this list to make sure you are not making any nail care mistakes. We have made a list so that you do not have to try it to regret it. 

Cold Water Does Not Dry Nail Paint

One of the most viral “hacks” that has taken the interest by storm is drying your nail paint with ice-cold water. Let us tell you; it is not going to work. According to this challenge, you must dip your nails in a bowl of cold water after applying nail polish. After three to four minutes, they appear to be dry. 

What actually happens? The cold water makes the top layer appear firm and dry. The bottom layer underneath remains moist. The dried and thickened top layer prevents the bottom layer from drying. This means that the icy cold water is not going to give you anything except frozen nails and thickened nail polish (in short, nothing you have subscribed for). 

Matte Nail Paint-Not with Cornstarch

Love matte nails? You can get them by applying a top coat of matte nail paint. The viral internet hacks might have been telling you some other method. If you have been thinking of covering or mixing your nails with cornstarch, don’t do it. It will give you nothing except doughy nail paint. 

Removing Nail Paint “Naturally”

There is only one rational way of removing nail paint. It includes gently removing it using a cotton ball soaked in nail paint remover. Any hack telling you to use natural ingredients such as lemon, vinegar, or baking soda is completely useless. Instead of wasting lemons rubbing them on your nails, it is better to make and enjoy some lemonade. 

Nail Polish Remover 

The nail polish remover has one job to do, and it is removing the varnish from nails. It cannot bring your dried nail paint to life again. A viral hack involves adding some nail polish remover to the dried nail paint to make it work again. Let us share the truth. It does not work.

Nail paint remover can make the polish clumpy or excessively thin. Not only this, it does not stay on your nails for long. Dipping the bottle in a bowl of hot water can solve the problem. 

The Final Thoughts

Now you have a bunch of do’s and don’ts to follow in your nail care routine. Your nails look beautiful when they are healthy. You can get them by taking care of your nails through these amazing hacks. They save your time and provide effective results. What is the best part about these hacks? They work well for all common nail problems without costing you much money.  

Nail Hacks FAQs

Can toothpaste make my nails whiter?

No, toothpaste cannot make your nails whiter. It might make them appear cleaner as you thoroughly rub and wash your nails after applying toothpaste. If you want to use it for removing nail stains, it might not work. 

Can you remove nail polish with nail polish?

You can remove your nail polish with another nail polish, but if you want a neater touch, it is not the right solution. Moreover, not all nail paints are easy to remove using some nail polish. It may leave your nails sticky and stained. 

How to grow nails overnight?

There is no magic spell to grow your nails overnight. It takes time. You must eat healthy food, take care of your nails, moisturize them, and keep them clean. Better nail care leads to faster and healthier nail growth. 

Is vegan nail polish good for your nails?

Yes, vegan nail polish is good for your nails. It does not contain toxic chemicals like non-vegan nail paints. Vegan nail polish usually contains ingredients that help boost the nourishment of nails in an eco-friendly manner. 

Can I use eyeshadow as nail paint?

You may use eyeshadow as nail paint, but it is not recommended. It does not mix well with clear nail polish and may become clumpy. The tint on nails is also not long-lasting and may wipe away as you wash your hands. It is not a good idea to replace nail polish with an eyeshadow. 

Is it good to apply oil to your nails?

Yes, it is good to apply oil to your nails. It moisturizes them, preserves their shine, and keeps their health. Oiling may also help in strengthening your nails and providing an amazing finishing look to your manicure. 

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