How To Choose The Right Halal Nail Polish Online?

How To Choose The Right Halal Nail Polish Online? - Mersi Cosmetics

How do you buy halal nail polish? Most probably, you apply it first on your nails to see if it suits you and check its quality. This is ideally the best method when buying halal nail polish from a physical store. What if you are shopping online?

Online cosmetics shopping has become more popular than ever for all the right reasons. From clothes to shoes and home appliances to digital products, people order everything online, then why not makeup? However, choosing a halal nail polish can be a challenge. 

Since you cannot check the nail polish in reality, you cannot decide if it suits your skin tone or not. If you struggle to choose the right halal nail polish online, this comprehensive guide is for you.  

What is Halal Nail Polish?

Halal nail polish is not a mystery anymore and is popular with the term “breathable nail polish”. It is a type of nail polish that is free from prohibited ingredients, harsh chemicals, and animal by-products. Besides this, halal nail polish works with a unique polymer that allows the nail polish coats to be permeable. 

This means that it allows oxygen and water molecules to pass through the tiny spaces in the molecular structure of the nail polish. Halal nail polish is equally popular among Muslim and non-Muslim populations and is gradually becoming the new fashion industry breakthrough.

Tips for Choosing Halal Nail Polish Online

Choosing a halal nail polish online is different from choosing them at a store unless you are buying your regular shades. When choosing a halal nail polish online, you need to ensure that it is worth it. The following tips can help you choose the right halal nail polish for you. 

Determine your Skin Tone

A halal nail polish is not worth it if it does not suit your skin tone. You must ensure that you always match the shade with your skin tone. The first step to do this is to determine your correct skin tone. How does it help to choose the right halal nail polish online? 

You can refer to any nail color guide to see which colors suit your complexion and buy that shade. But first, you need to know your skin's undertone and complexion.

Here is how you can do it. 

  • Look at your hands in the natural light to determine their actual tone. 
  • Look for the color of your veins. If they look bluish-purple, you likely have a cool undertone. If they appear greenish blue, your skin undertone is warm, and if you are difficult to distinguish between these shades, you have an olive skin tone. 
  • Another way is to see if your skin burns or tans easily under the sun. Medium to dark skin tones tan when exposed to the sunlight, while fair skin tone burns easily. 

Consider the Occasion

Your choice of the best halal nail polish shade depends on the occasion as well. Choose a shade according to the type of occasion. For instance, neutral shades look good for formal events and casual use, while vibrant shades give more of a holiday vibe. You may also vary your choice based on the seasons. 

Opt for Nude Shades

If you are confused about the choice of shades, you can choose nude shades. A wide range of nude hues suit every skin tone, especially light and medium tones. The following are some of the shades that look good on most skin tones. 

  • Beige
  • Pink
  • Brown

You can experiment with different variations of these nude shades according to your complexion. 

Choose Universal Shades

Some nail polish shades are pretty much universal and look good on all skin tones. When choosing a nail polish online, you can opt for those colors without any worries. Some of those hues are soft to bright pink and blue, ranging from pastels to navy blue, purple, and different shades of red. 

Add some Glitter

What is better than applying some sparkling glittery nail polish to your nails? They are a must-have in your makeup kit to help you transition between different informal looks. You can pair glitters with a nude shade or a clear base coat according to your taste.  

Factors to Consider when Choosing Halal Nail Polish Online

Online shopping is different from the way you shop by visiting a store. There are some important factors that you must consider for an enhanced online shopping experience. Have a look at some of them. 

Reliability of the Seller

The foremost thing to ensure when selecting halal nail polish online is the seller's reliability. Nobody wants to fall prey to scammers or fraudulent sellers. Is the brand you are buying from a trusted brand? Does it have a good market reputation? Do other brands and authorities recognize it?

Ask yourself these questions before you choose a seller. Many sellers claim to offer halal nail polish, but they might not be halal. Certified halal brands are reliable since they are authorized by halal certification authorities. 

Check the Ingredients

When you search for halal nail polish, you will find several brands in the market claiming to be the best halal nail polish brand. You must ensure that the nail polish is actually halal. How would you do this?  Check the product information thoroughly. Check product descriptions and specifications to ensure that the product is halal. 

You may find the list of ingredients on the product description page. Read it thoroughly to see if all the ingredients in the nail polish are permissible. In addition, check the application method, range of shades available, and any other important guidelines about the removal or application of nail polish. 

Compare the Price

Price is an important factor that shapes your purchase decision. You must check if the price matches your predefined budget range. Online marketplaces allow you to compare the prices of the same product from different brands. You may use this feature to get a comparison or compare the prices manually. 

When checking the price, keep the quality and key features of the product in your mind. Look for a fair price rather than choosing the lowest price and regretting later getting substandard nail polish. 

Check Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are vital in online sales, both for buyers as well as sellers. They tell you about the detailed review of the nail polish or any other product after the customers have used it. Sometimes, the review may provide insight into the information about the product that is not mentioned in the product description. 

Check for customer reviews to decide whether it is worth buying from the seller or not. What do the customers say about the reliability of halal nail polish? What are the comments about the shades? Does actual nail polish resemble what is shown on the website or not? Does the nail polish leave stains? Read as many reviews as you can to reach a better decision.     

Perks of Choosing a Halal Nail Polish Online

Choosing a halal nail polish online may feel a bit difficult from the traditional way of shopping, but it offers some valuable perks. Here are some benefits of choosing halal nail polish online.  

Quick Credibility Check

Although there are several halal cosmetics brands in the market, it is still difficult to find a credible one. You may not be able to test the authenticity of a brand efficiently at a shop as you would do online. 

You can use real-time information, such as reviews, competition, and market goodwill, to check the credibility of a brand. Additionally, you can also verify their halal certification to ensure that you shop from a trusted brand. 

Get the Latest Collection

Do you love to shop for the latest nail polish collection? If yes, then you must understand the struggle to find the latest shades. Sometimes, you may reach a store even before they get the new stock. It takes time to reach the newly launched shades to the local stores. 

When you shop online, you are guaranteed to find the latest nail polish collection. Even if it is out of stock sometimes, you can add the item to your wishlist to get it as soon as it is restocked. 

More Variety

Bricks-and-mortar nail polish stores have limited space and therefore offer only a limited variety of nail polish. You must choose from the available options only. On the other hand, beauty sites and online marketplaces offer a much larger variety of shades and nail polishes.

You can see the full line of nail polishes before you choose your favorites from them. What’s more exciting? You can also find previous seasons’ leftover shades that physical stores replace with new ones. 

Advanced Searching

Finding your desired nail polish in brick and mortar stores is a challenge. Locating the right type of nail polish and going through all the shades is time-consuming, and all your efforts go in vain when you finally check the price tag going out of your budget. Online nail polish shopping makes it easier to search for nail polish to exact specifications. 

The advanced search option on websites allows you to find the perfect match by customizing your search. Set your budgeted price, select the desired type of nail polish, and select your desired shade groups to get only the relevant options. This saves your time and provides more value. 

Is Buying a Halal Nail Polish Worth it?

You may have seen the popularity of halal nail polish in the fashion industry. What makes it so popular, and is it even worth buying halal nail polish? The following reasons answer this question. 

Long life

Are you tired of spending money on manicures that only last a few days? Halal nail polish offers the solution. The breathable nail polish coating prevents the build-up of oils on nails that results in cracky nail polish. It lasts longer than traditional nail polishes and gives a crack-free finishing touch.

No More Nail Stains

Say goodbye to unpleasant nail stains with halal nail polish. The clean ingredients and pigments in the nail polish prevent nail staining. As a result, you can have clean nails even after applying darker nail polish shades.  

Free from Toxicity

The harsh and toxic chemicals in the nail polishes can make your nails look brittle and lose their shine. The dry nails become even worse with the frequent use of traditional nail polishes. On the other hand, halal nail polish is free from this toxicity. 

All the ingredients are skin-friendly and gentle on nails. Besides preventing your nails from deformation, they keep them moisturized and healthy. 


Halal nail polish is wudu-friendly as it allows water to penetrate the nail polish coating. There is no need to remove the nail polish to perform ablution. You must wash your nails thoroughly with water during ablution, and you are good to go. 

Bottom line

Halal nail polish offers a wide range of benefits for your nails. You may not find certified halal nail polish brands in your locality, but it is easier to get them online from trustworthy brands. Ensure that you choose the nail polish wisely to get the best benefits of halal nail polish. Follow this guide to order halal nail polish online. Make sure you search thoroughly to ensure that you make a worthy purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the perfect nail polish shade?

You must consider multiple factors for choosing the perfect nail polish shade for you. It includes your skin tone, style preferences, latest trend, current season, and the occasion. All these factors help you choose what goes well on your nails. 

What are some must-have nail polish shades? 

Some of the must-have nail polish shades include brown, white, black, beige, red, olive green, and blush pink. All these shades look good on all skin tones and help you get flawless nails for every occasion. 

Is wudu valid with halal nail polish?

Yes, wudu is valid with halal nail polish as it creates no barrier between water and nails. A certified-halal nail polish creates a porous coating on nail polish that allows water and oxygen molecules to pass through. As a result, you can perform valid wudu. 

Can Muslims wear halal nail polish?

Yes, Muslims can wear halal nail polish as it is permissible in Islam. Even non-Muslims can also wear halal nail polish to protect their nails from cracks and flakes. 

How does halal nail polish work?

Halal nail polish has a special polymer that facilitates the penetration of oxygen and water through the nail polish. The permeability allows moisture to reach the nails when Muslims perform ablution (wudu). In addition, halal nail polish does not include any prohibited chemicals or ingredients. 

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