Hair Trends For Summer Of 2020

Hair Trends For Summer Of 2020 - Mersi Cosmetics

With quarantine restrictions being lifted, all of the spur of the moment breakdown haircuts are coming to light. So, lets hope you chopped it off in style. Many of the “new” hair trends are recaps of the past! Apparently, bangs and bobs are back.

The Hair Trends:

blunt bob hair trends

Blunt Bobs:If anyone knows drama, its the Kardashians, and Kim is in on this one. It’s time to let your inner diva shine with this sharp, blunt edged cut. Ending right at the chin, this cut great way to make your hair look thicker. This hair cut is great if you’re just ready for a change, but be prepared to style it consistently!

Asymmetrical Lob: If you want to get your edge on, the asymmetrical lob is for you. This style is cut shorter in the back than the front. It’s fun and quirky! If you’re really feeling edgy, it can be longer on one side than the other. The asymmetrical lob is nice because you can go with the flow of your natural hair. You can also keep some of your length and it’ll still look great!

Modern Shag: The shag haircut used to be long and straight; with the change in times, texture is widely lusted after! Texture adds a refreshing touch to this look, while also maintaining a soft femininity and an overall versatile look. This haircut is the perfect way to make up any mistakes you might’ve made on your hair during quarantine. It’s also super low maintenance and easy to style!

A Blast from the Past

side bangs hair trends

Side Swept Bangs: I don’t know about you, but I’m having middle school flash backs. The bangs we had 10 years ago and have been embarrassed about since are back, but they’re better than ever. If you choose to opt for bangs now, be sure to ask your stylist to layer them. And be patient! They take a while to train them to stay in place, but hair spray can help with this.

the Rachel hair trendsthe Rachel hair trends

“The Rachel”: Word on the street is the Friends reunion sparked a trend. “The Rachel”. This haircut consists of heavy layers, volume, and movement! Beware, if you’re going to go down this path, you’re likely going to need some skill with a blow dryer.

General 2020 hair trends Consensus? 2020 loves the 70’s. Bangs and bobs are back, in many different styles and forms. Make it your own. Make it 2020!

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