What Is Breathable Nail Polish?

What Is Breathable Nail Polish? - Mersi Cosmetics

What is Breathable Nail Polish?

Conventional nail polish, when applied, essentially seals off our nails from oxygen and hydration, which results in brittle and unhealthy nails. It’s often overlooked but our nails need hydration and oxygen too. This occurrence is due to the impermeable layer of nail polish covering your nails. The unhealthy characteristics of conventional nail polish created a need for a healthier alternative

Enter, Breathable nail polish. This specific type of nail polish is made with a unique formula that allows water and oxygen to permeate through it. Yes, through the layer of nail polish! This polish creates a permeable layer when appiled stay hydrated. 

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Breathable Nail Polish work?

It all comes down to the molecular structure of the formula.

Here’s a simple but well-put explanation of the science, by Allure former research editor Lauren Hubbard

“See, traditional nail polish is made up of very neat, tight molecular bonds, like straight lines stacked directly on top of each other. But the molecules that make up water- and air-permeable formulas feature a more staggered structure—like a bricklaying pattern—that allows teeny water and air molecules to slip through the spaces. “Traditional polish has fewer interstitial spaces for water to pass through,” explains cosmetic chemist Randy Schueller. So how do these breathable polishes pull off a trick like that? “The breathability is not a function of a single ingredient; rather, it depends on how the entire formula is put together,” Schueller says, though he notes that ingredients like bis (glycidoxyphenyl) propane/bisaminomethylnorbornane, which appear in some breathable formulas, are not typically used in nail polish and may play a role in this unique molecular structure.”

Frequently Asked Questions about Breathable Nail Polish

  • Is there a difference between water permeable and breathable nail polish? No, there’s no difference. This is a Myth, biasedly spread to create intentional confusion in the market. They are the same. It’s been scientifically proven that breathable polish is water permeable through experiments that meet the exact criteria to prove permeability.

  • Can Muslim women use Breathable nail polish during Ablution? Yes, it’s water permeability makes it possible for Muslim women to wear this specific nail polish during Ablution. However, in order to ensure water touches the nail bed, users must rub each nail under running water at least one time.

Benefits of Using Breathable Nail Polish

Breathable Nail Polish Lasts a Long Time

When it was first introduced, breathable nail polish had a bad reputation for chipping and not lasting very long, however, breathable formulas have advanced since then. Companies, such as ours, have developed chip-resistant, long-lasting formulas that leave our customers more satisfied with their nail polish. We also offer Breathable topcoat, when paired with breathable nail polish results in minimal to no chipping for up to 10 days.

Breathable Nail Polish Dries Quickly

Yes, this is a fact. Because it’s permeable and the air can get through the polish, it also dries quicker than traditional polish. Say goodbye to smudges!

The Coffee Filter Myth

This is one of the biggest myths surrounding breathable polish. Unfortunately, “the coffee filter test” is not accurate. Which is why it often produces mixed results. Coffee filters and paper surfaces do not accurately mimic the surface of a layer of nail polish. This test also requires water to pass through two layers instead of one. First through the layer of nail polish itself & then through the coffee filters layer. The only way to accurately test breathability/permeability is in a lab setting through properly carried out scientific experiments. 


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