7 Trending Nail Polish Colors to Wear at Work

7 Trending Nail Polish Colors to Wear at Work - Mersi Cosmetics

Nail art is totally a part of modern fashion and allows women to be edgy in style. However, being professional really requires creating the right balance between having some great fashionable nail art and a clean, professional look. 

The corporate world is all about making a mark. Be it meetings, clients, or any other detail, well-kept nails should never be overlooked. Let’s discuss the best nail art trends that you can adopt at the workplace, making you look up-to-date and professional.

7 Nail Polish Colors to Wear at Work

If you want to look professional in the workplace, every detail is important, including nail polish. These shades don't only look good, but their color adds to the overall look and boosts your confidence, going well with your business attire. Whether you are a corporate professional or a creative at heart, here are five professional nail polish shades that are stylish and sophisticated:

1. Nudes - Never Disappoint

Salina Breathable Halal Nail Polish 10ML - Mersi Cosmetics

A nude color is one of the best nail colors you will find in any profession. The beauty of nude, from soft beige to light taupe is so versatile that it can just blend in with any outfit. The subtlety of nude nail colors guarantees that you will look polished but not draw too much attention.

Nude breathable nails can go with any meeting, presentation, or any day when you want to keep it low, nice, yet elegant. Plus, it's high shine so you'll see less chipping and wear throughout the week.

2. Soft Pink - Have a Soft Look Day

Watermelon Snow Breathable Halal Nail Polish 10ML - Mersi Cosmetics

Soft pinks are feminine and polished. This type of colors add a very sensible touch to your look, keeping it professional yet stylish. Whether you opt for barely-there blush or hushed rose, those soft pink manis are a perfect way to warm up your look and make it approachable. 

Soft colored vegan nail polishes are perfect for different skin tones. Light pinks are perfect for a team meeting or meeting clients, and, yet, just any day you want to look graceful.

3. Mauve - Enter in Style

Mauve offers a rather sophisticated, understated elegance of the kind that you would want for the workplace. It's a great alternative to mainstream pinks and nudes which tone down the flash of color. It exudes maturity and poise, from the softest of mauves to its deeper colors.

This means that mauve nails will look great at important business deals, meetings, or big networking events. Whether you're choosing a soft mauve or a deeper shade, it is versatile, pairs with most outfits, and looks just right for upscale sophistication.

4. Bold Red - Make a Statement

A classic red nail polish is bold but totally professional when chosen in a shade that works with your skin tone. Red nails send the message of power and show the woman knows what she wants in work situations. Either true red or a little more muted, both are striking but just right for the business arena.

Classic red nails are good for when you need a confidence boost, like before a presentation, or when you're going into an interview or an important client meeting. Just keep the rest of your look subdued to let your nails be the standout feature.

5. French White - One of the Classics

The timeless French manicure will not turn its back on you. The style comes either clear or with a light pink background with white tips. You can say it's specifically meant to produce a result that is simple and classic.

A French manicure always works with any professional setting that you may find yourself in. It is an element of nature that you want with a groomed and polished effect. This is the perfect style for all types of office spaces and especially for women who have an obsession with being immaculately tidy and groomed all the time.

6. Black - All Time Go-To Shade

Black Forest Breathable Halal Nail Polish 10ML - Mersi Cosmetics

Black nail color is one of those that never go out of style. They can help you rock any look. Whether you're wearing pants to work or a dress, black nail polish can instantly add a workplace professional vibe to your outfit.

You must have also tried using it, don't you think its true that black always add something to an outfit that no other nail color can. It just makes the look perfect for any place you're getting ready for. 

 7. Blue Hue - Add Charm in Special Days

Northern Lights Breathable Halal Nail Polish 10ML - Mersi Cosmetics

Sometimes, a light decent blue color can really elevate your look. If you're wearing an outfit that goes well with a soft blue color, wearing it can look really pretty. Imagine you have a evening lunch with your colleagues, or a formal event at the office, this type of color can go really well in such cases. 

Choosing the right nail polish color for work is an easy but impactful way to enhance your professional image. From the low-key elegance of nude and mauve shades to the softer side in soft pink. Maybe you're into truly making a bold statement in classic red, or perhaps you hold onto the timelessness of a French manicure. These colors will make you look polished and confident throughout your workday.

Breathable Nail Polish for Work

Breathable nail polish is the perfect product for working professional women. This nail polish allows air and moisture to flow through the nail polish and into the nail, promoting its health.

On the other hand, these formulas are generally free of harsh chemicals, which makes them a safer option for your health and nails. Breathable nail polishes are often halal-certified, which means they are an appropriate option for Islamic observant women.

Halal nail polish permits water to penetrate the nails making them wudu friendly. It also comes handy for a woman working in the office as it has healthy features combined with practicality. The formulations are made to be long-lasting, resistant to chipping, and come in every professional color.

Mersi Cosmetics offer a wide range of Halal nail polishes. By using these, you can maintain a sleek professional look while maintaining their health and strength.


Nails could be the medium to express your personal style yet remain professional at work. With the availability of numerous colors, designs, and types of nail polish, your nails can fit your professional look. 

Starting from minimalist lines, subtle ombres, chic floral, or breathable nail polish, the diverse variety can meet your style and what suits the working environment. Remember, professional nail art should be subtle, elegant, and sophisticated. After all, a working woman is judged not only by her outfit but also by the styling of her nails.


Can I wear nail art in a professional setting?

Yes, as long as the designs are subtle and appropriate for the workplace.

Is nude nail polish considered professional?

Yes, nude nail polish is versatile and always looks polished and professional.

Can bright nail colors be worn at work?

No, it’s generally best to stick to neutral or muted shades for a professional appearance.

Are French manicures suitable for work?

Yes, French manicures are a classic and elegant choice for the workplace.

Is breathable nail polish beneficial for nail health?

Yes, breathable nail polish promotes healthier nails by allowing air and moisture to pass through.

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