12 Things People Often Forget While Planning Their Wedding

12 Things People Often Forget While Planning Their Wedding - Mersi Cosmetics

Wedding planning is always a tiresome task. Just when you think you are done with everything, something undone pops into your mind. It keeps going till the eleventh hour, and still, you tend to forget some things or the other. 

A wedding is a special event for the couple as well as their guests. It becomes the foundation of creating beautiful memories that stay with you forever. Everyone wants it to be the most well-planned and organized event of their lives. 

You might have spent several days planning for your wedding, but there is still something that remains undiscussed. It is common to forget things at your wedding because there is always so much work to do. It seems nearly impossible to get everything together. 

12  Things Couples Forget at their Wedding

Forgetting something at your wedding is common, and usually, it is the couple who does it. Here are some of the most common things that couples often forget to take care of at their weddings. 

1. Pre-Wedding Meals

This is the most common thing that couples usually forget. Pre-wedding meals are as important as all other preparations. Skipping a meal or forgetting to have one is something you should avoid. You have so many things going on the big day that can drain you. 

You need the energy to function throughout the day. Make sure you have proper breakfast and lunch. If you do not feel like having a full meal, you can have it in parts. Have some snacks in between getting ready for your day. 

2. Spare Shoes 

Having a pair of spare shoes is as important as making other arrangements. It is important for the bride as well as the groom. Couples usually forget this to carry, but they should not. You cannot let a pair of shoe hurdle your enjoyment on your special day. 

If you are planning to wear high heels for your big day, you must keep a pair of comfortable shoes. Your foot will thank you for this. It is not only important for your comfort but can be a lifesaver also. What if your expensive shoe suddenly broke or feels uncomfortable? Your spare shoes can save your day. 

3. Wedding Website Updates

This is probably something that most couples usually forget to complete. Your wedding website is the ultimate source of information for your guests. It needs to be complete for them. Include every detail of your big day that you feel is important for others to know. It includes the date, day, theme, and venue. 

You might not have decided on everything at the time of creating the website. Make sure you update the information as soon as you confirm different details. It saves your time otherwise spent on attending calls from guests asking for updates. 

4. Enough Seating

Taking care of the comfort of your guests is very important. Make sure you have enough seating arrangements for your guests at your event. Even if they spend most of the time standing or walking around the venue, you must have enough chairs and tables allocated for them. 

It is better to label the seats. This saves the guests from the awkwardness of finding a place to sit. You might do it for some of the close relatives and let others have the freedom to sit where they want. Another thing to keep in mind has extra chairs. The chairs must always be more than the guests. 

5. Ample Food

You might have decided on the most delicious menu for your wedding, but it is of no use if the guests remain unfed. They might be very hungry, and waiting too long for food can make them unhappy. Make sure that you have an ample supply of food for all of the guests. 

Always make arrangements for extra food. Do not forget the quality of the food while focusing on its quantity. Make sure that all guests can enjoy your menu. Take special care of the picky eaters by including something that people usually like to have. 

6. Backup Weather Plan

Imagine planning for a beautiful outdoor summer wedding. You are in the middle of saying vows to your partner. The sunshine makes everything seem brighter and more majestic. Everything feels so perfect. Suddenly it starts raining, and there is chaos to find a safe spot. This is what happens when you do not have a backup weather plan.

Make sure you check the weather forecast in advance. If there are even the slightest chances of any change in weather, make arrangements for it. Your outdoor wedding might become the indoor one or vice versa. Keep umbrellas, sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, scarves, and any other thing you might need. Make sure that the venue is also compatible with your backup plan. 

7. Thanking the Guests

As a couple of the day, you might be too busy on your wedding day. Take some time to express your happiness and gratitude for your guests. You may greet and thank them individually during the dinner. It would take more time but make them feel included. 

Another idea is that instead of doing it individually, you can say a few lines collectively for all of them. It might seem a small act, but it can make your guests feel valued. Leaving thank you notes on each table is also a good way of expressing your gratitude. 

8. Gift Coordinator

It is your wedding day, and you must have got plenty of gifts. It is important to keep them secure, but this is not something you would be doing at the venue. You must have a gift coordinator to take care of the gifts and other valuable items. It can be any of your friends or relative. 

Many couples forget to do so and consequently forget to collect all gifts. Your gift coordinator will receive the presents on your behalf and deliver them to you after the event ends. They might also take them to their home and deliver them to you when you are done with your wedding hustle. 

9. Wedding Emergency Kit

The more important an emergency kit is in a wedding, the more couples tend to forget it. You never know when an emergency can happen and ruin your plans. It is better to have the necessary supplies to deal with it. Prepare an emergency kit including makeup, safety pins, hijab pins, tissues, snacks, medications, and any other things you might need.

Keep a stain stick, band-aids, and sewing kit also. After preparing the kit, it is important to remember to bring it with you to the venue. Make someone responsible for bringing and keeping it accessible to you. 

10. Transportation for Guests

You must not forget your guests when planning transportation to and from the venue. If the venue is far from their accommodation, make sure you let them know about the transportation plan. Make it clear if they have to reach on their own or if you have made arrangements for it. 

Also, inform them in advance. It will help them plan accordingly, and you can prevent the last-minute mess. If the guests will drive to the venue themselves, have organized parking spots for them. If you have booked a shuttle to take them from and back to the hotel, inform them at what time it would leave so that they are ready in time. 

11. Guest Book Pens

 If you keep a guestbook at your wedding, you must also have plenty of pens. One or two pens might not be enough, and you have no time to keep track of who has them at the moment. It is a small item that you might forget but can create chaos at the wedding. You would not want your guests to wait or look for pens.

Sometimes the ink dries out suddenly, and the pen stops working. Some guests forget to put them back and walk away with them.  You must have an ample supply of pens. Even if you have customized decorative guest book pens, keep some simple ones also for an emergency. 

12. Gifts for Friends and Families

You will receive plenty of gifts on your special day, but do not forget to bring some for your close friends and family. This small act can create a big impact. If you are planning to give some gifts or goody bags to all of your guests, assign someone to overlook them.

Many couples forget to bring gifts to the venue and get upset afterwards. It is better to have someone in charge of ensuring that everything is securely delivered to the venue.

Tips for a Foolproof Wedding Planning

There is so much that you might unconsciously forget to take care of at your wedding. These things seem small but can create inconvenience for your guests as well as you. The great thing is that you can avoid these flaws by following some simple tips. Have a look at some of the effective tips for foolproof wedding planning. 

Make a Checklist

Remember creating a checklist for your daily routine or exam preparation? It can be useful for your wedding planning also. The main reason why couples tend to ignore some details is the abundance of planning. There is so much to do that you cannot keep track of it without noting it down. 

A checklist helps simplify your wedding planning. You can quickly review how much work is done and what is left. It takes a few seconds to put glance at your list and review your preparations. It can be a lifesaver if you wish not to forget anything. 

Share Duties

Burdening yourself with a lot of work is never a wise decision. Remember, you cannot handle everything alone. It is better to form a team and share duties among members. This way, everyone will be accountable for their part of the work only. 

Sharing your workload helps get things done efficiently. It saves you time and also provides you with peace of mind. It is important to have a concentrated mind to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. 

Hire a Planner

Hiring a wedding planner is not mandatory for your wedding. However, it can save you from a lot of possible problems. You can simply assign the most time-consuming and stressful tasks to a professional. It allows you to have plenty of time and a stress-free mind to monitor your wedding preparations. 

A wedding planner is an expert in organizing such events. They can manage things better than you. You can discuss your desired plan with them to help them bring your dreams to reality. They will ensure that everything goes according to plan and you do not forget anything. 

Make Someone In charge

Besides having a professional wedding planner, you need someone to overlook all the activities. You might not have enough time to monitor all the activities by yourself. Instead, you can ask any of your friends to volunteer on your behalf. They will work like a wedding coordinator. It will reduce the risk of forgetting things and ensure everything is done perfectly.  


Forgetting things at your wedding is completely normal. Do not overwhelm yourself with unreal standards of perfection. Follow the tips discussed earlier in the article and strive for the best wedding planning and organization. Even if you forget to take care of a thing or two, do not let it hinder your happiness. Make some everlasting memories on your big day to cherish for life.


What should you not forget at your wedding?

You should not forget to have a detailed plan for your wedding. Planning is crucial for executing all other wedding activities smoothly. Have a master plan so that all your activities are organized around it.

What is a wedding packing list?

A wedding packing list includes everything you need to pack and bring along with you at your wedding. It is usually used in destination weddings where you need to pack a lot of stuff. It helps you remember everything you need so that you do not miss out on anything.

What to do if you forget your wedding rings?

Wedding rings are an important item on your big day. If you forget to bring wedding rings, you can make a makeshift ring with something like a ribbon. The ring is only a symbol and a memorial of the vows you exchange. You may also exchange a flower instead of a ring. 

What do couples often forget at their weddings?

Couples often forget to have fun at their wedding. They become so overwhelmed with the planning that they forget to make sweet memories and enjoy their special day. 

How to avoid forgetting things at your wedding?

It is better to keep a checklist to avoid forgetting things at your wedding. Write everything necessary for wedding planning. Keep updating the checklist to mark complete and undone things. 

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