Mersi Black Lives Matter Mission Set (Build your own)

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Join the movement. 20% of profits from the proceeds of this set will be donated directly to Black Lives Matter.

It’s the 21st century, and yet African Americans are still facing racism and hardships on a day to day basis, constantly fearing for their lives due to a broken injustice system. Hate crimes and police brutality are still very prevalent today. Racism in America is like smog, you can’t see it but you can definitely feel it. Nothing has changed and history is repeating itself. Why? George Floyd’s last words were “they’re going to kill me”. It’s 2020, we need to do better. When will there be an end to the violence?

We know we will never understand but we see you, we recognize the systematic oppression, and we stand with you.

Voices are not being heard, so we encourage everyone to start taking action. Use your platform, share, communicate, and educate others. Together we are strong, together we have the power to make a change.

– Mersi Cosmetics Team



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