The Perfect Summer Date Night Outfit

The Perfect Summer Date Night Outfit

The perfect Summer date night outfit is the one you feel the most comfortable in! It’s important to find the right combination of classy, cute, and practical. If you’re going out to dinner, you can strut down the walkway in heels. If you’re going mini-golfing or on a long walk down the lakeshore, sandals or flats might be a better choice for you. It’s not so much what you’re wearing, but rather how you feel while wearing it!

Black on Denim

black on denim date night outfit

Black on denim is a great look. Styled with your favorite cross body for a pop of color, there is no beating the simple beauty of this look. Additionally, the long strap on the cross-body allows for convenience and style all in one. This is important while jumping around from the date venue to date venue!

The flowy date night outfit

Flowy pants or shorts paired with a tank top is a great way to beat the summer heat, while still looking fashionable. You’ll be sure to impress your date with this look! Paper bag pants give you a classy feel, while still giving you room to breathe. They’re easy to move in and allow you to participate in all of the activities that might come your way. Again, be sure to pair it with a purse because we all know what an inconvenience it is to not have anywhere to store your phone and lip gloss!


casual date night outfit

Last but not least, you can keep it airy with a nice summer sundress. Pair this with a denim jean jacket for an innocent-but-fun look that has you prepared for the elements. This look is great for a beach date or a casual dinner. Sticking with the more casual theme, wedges are the perfect option to give you height and show off your calves while still being practical enough to walk around in!

Some words of advice for your date-night outfit

date night outfit purse

This style is known as the “camera bag” and is the perfect size for your essentials!

You don’t want to choose a purse that is too big! Everything will get lost and might give your date the impression you’re unorganized. A purse that is about the size of a tablet or smaller will allow you to bring all of the essentials while preventing you from bringing too much.

Thick strappy sandals help prevent aching feet at the end of the night! But, if you do decide to wear heels, consider bringing a pair of foldable flats. These fit perfectly in your purse and are there to provide relief for all of the unexpected steps you might take on your date. Don’t let the fun end because your feet are killing you. I’m sure your date will be impressed with how prepared you are!

foldable flats for date night outfit

These foldable flats don’t have to be boring, even though they are your backup. Spice it up with a cute design!

Again, be sure to make this date night outfit something you’re comfortable in all day! There’s nothing worse than being at a restaurant and wishing you could unbutton your jeans because you got a little too full. Wear something fun that has a little give to it. You never know if your date will take you somewhere spontaneous, and you want to be prepared!

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